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Brock Zeman – “Me Then You”

Across the world there is no greater bridge than music. Bringing together different sounds and cultures, music can remove what separates us from our neighbours and can take us around the world. With a rootsy country-rock sound, Brock Zeman brings a flavour of Texas with one small exception: hailing from Carleton Place, Ontario, he is born-and-raised Canadian.

Zeman’s new album, Me Then You, is a perfect example of southern soul and vivid storytelling. Gritty and smooth all at once, Zeman’s songs are beautiful and superbly written, with an air of mystery and intrigue that you can’t quite put your finger on. What is it, exactly? It may be Zeman’s soulful, mature and whiskey-drenched vocals that have won the love of so many fans, or perhaps his evocative lyrics and cross-genre appeal. In the end, it is a combination of all these things that make Me Then You an absolutely loveable album, almost too good to be true.

The opening track, “Push Them Stones”, sets the stage for the album with a raised eyebrow. Why, you ask, have I not heard this before? This song introduces what’s to come by providing a glimpse of Zeman’s rich and heart-melting voice, showing off hints of blues and soul influences as well as something unique that transcends both. His slower, more folksy songs (“Until It Bleeds”, “Light In The Attic”, and “Rain On The Roof”, to name a few) are more soft and vulnerable, and it’s easy to get lost in the fabrics of his stories. It’s not uncommon to find an hour (or more) go by while listening or to imagine yourself right there beside him, especially in his beautiful and haunting tale of apocalyptic love, “End Of The World”.

A surprising point to this album is that every song is actually good. It’s possible to listen to this album from start to finish without skipping a beat, and every track has the potential to be a single. As a whole, it is something beautiful, different, and a requirement for every playlist.

Zeman’s resume is impressive. Me Then You is his ninth album, and with an average of 250 shows across North America every year, he is quickly joining ranks with some of the top independent artists in Canada. He has a ton of gigs lined up for the remainder of the year, all leading up to his official CD release shows in January. Check out the tour schedule here, and don’t miss the chance to see him! For a sneak peek, pour yourself a few fingers of bourbon and fall in love with “Push Them Stones”. The rest of the album is even better.

Brock Zeman - "Me Then You"