Blind Beggar Announces 2015 Original Music Showcase Winners

The Blind Beggar wrapped up their 8th Annual Original Music Showcase with a bang. This year, they introduced a new format of a “wildcard” entry which allowed one band (drawn at random from a hat), the opportunity to review the comments from their performance and compete with the top 3 scoring bands in the showcase. This year’s wildcard band was Archon Prophecy, who not only reviewed the judges comments, but integrated them into the final performance.

A huge congratulations goes out to all of the bands that took part in the showcase and a big thank you goes out to all of the sponsors, judges, and staff at The Blind Beggar.

The winners receive a prize pack including recording time, guitar customization, gift certificates, and the top winner receives a career development package from Universal Records distributor: Blackstream Records.

This year’s OMS winners are:

  1. Belvue
  2. 240 (Two Forty)
  3. The Archon Prophecy*

Runner Up: Silent Army


Thrill Of Falling Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of Their Upcoming Album

Thrill of Falling is set to release their highly anticipated follow up record “Truth For Lies” on April 25th. With the excitement building, Thrill of Falling would like to give their fans some insight into what this album means to them and how it all came together.

“We want our fans to see and hear more behind the songs and to get to know us more personally through these videos.”

~Jason Rempel, Vocals & Guitar – Thrill Of Falling

Track-By-Track: All We Know

Track-By-Track: Broken Hearts

Track-By-Track: Lonely Ones

Track-By-Track: Part Of Me

Track-By-Track: Seasons

Track-By-Track: So Long

Truth For Lies releases on April 25 and a CD Release is booked at The Nite Owl in Calgary.

Thrill Of Falling Release New Album Name, Artwork & Track Listing

“We are proud to reveal to you our new album: “Truth For Lies”. A huge thank you goes out to Eric Dieterich of Soloman Media for doing an amazing job on the artwork.”

~Jason Rempel, Thrill Of Falling

Thrill Of Falling - Truth For Lies [EP]

Thrill Of Falling – Truth For Lies [EP]
Release Date: April 25, 2015
1. Seasons
2. All We Know
3. Broken Hearts
4. So Long
5. Part Of Me
6. The Lonely Ones

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The Electric Revival Announce Road Heavy Travel

The Electric Revival are once again proving that a DIY band can write and release all of the music they want, but it won’t get heard until you actually hit the road. These lads are no strangers to the road, having toured throughout the United States and Western Canada multiple times. This time though, the band has sights set on the east with some heavy touring in Ontario as part of their “Freak Out” tour.

The Electric Revival - Freak Out Tour

Weatherly Releases Highly Anticipated New Single

Since their  hiatus in late 2012, Weatherly has been in writing mode. The band reunited in the fall of 2013 and most recently, the band has brought in a new guitarist.

The band’s latest single is Heart Of The City and it is being offered as a FREE download through Weatherly’s web store and their NoiseTrade page. Heart Of The City is about finding your inner strength and learning how stand tall.

“A friend brought me to this spot near the downtown area of Sudbury with a tree covered hill and a radio tower: the heart of the city. While I was standing there, I could see my whole life and began to reflect on all of the pain I had to endure. Standing above the city, I could see where I grew up and where I spent my young adulthood. I could think back on all of the heartbreaks and rejection I once faced.

Standing there was the pinnacle point in which I rediscovered myself and found the strength to carry on and fight the good fight in order to find my happiness.”

~Jason Fraser, Weatherly

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