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The Narrative Releases Music Video From Sophomore Album

Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel of New York duo The Narrative seem destined to create music together. Soft-spoken and reflective, Jesse’s quiet nature seems at first an unlikely mate to Suzie’s palpable happiness and enthusiasm. This unique pairing evokes a dynamic chemistry which translates into powerful songs, resonating with audiences of every age and from every corner of the world.

Suzie had the following to say about their song Chasing A Feeling:

“Chasing a Feeling is basically about life moving forward and how if you’re not moving with it, then it’s getting away from you. There is a lot to be said for not acting impulsively, but sometimes you just need to go and set something in motion to better understand what you really want out of your own life. Waiting for the right moment or the perfect set of circumstances is a great way for time to just pass you by.”

~Suzie Zeldin, The Narrative