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Crash The Occasion – “Crash The Occasion”

Outside of romance novels, love at first sight is rare. Love usually takes time, patience and effort to really develop, and even then it doesn’t always last. The same is true of music: most bands need to work for your love, slowly making their way onto your music playlist until you love every beat and can sing every word. For true music fans and believers in love, however, we have Crash The Occasion.

Based in Niagara, CTO is everything a good band should be: hugely talented, passionate, and in it for the love of music. This is a collective of well-trained and naturally gifted musicians, shown in the creativity, technical perfection and surprising literacy of their debut EP, “Crash The Occasion“.

Released in January 2012, the self-titled album is the first step in a music career that’s bound to go far. Showing the influence of Arcade Fire, Muse, MGMT and Ben Folds, Crash The Occasion fits in the “Indie” niche with definite elements of classical music and the popular but elusive “nerd rock” genre. Part of this unique label is the band’s unusual composition: avoiding the 4-piece cliché, CTO shows off an ambitious endeavour by incorporating piano, violin, bass and drums, no guitar to be heard or seen. This is an impressive and incredibly admirable attempt at creating something wholly special and different, truly unlike most of what’s already out there.

This uniqueness is what makes us fall in love. The band experiments with both instrumental and vocal harmonies throughout the album, playing with balance and call-and-answer structures and mixing together perfectly balanced bass, drums, and truly extraordinary vocals. The sound of the violin and piano together are beautiful, adding something really special to songs like “Glass Empire”, “Second Hand Goods”, and the album-closing “Passion”. This final track is what shows off the band’s real song-writing talent and chemistry, a powerful blend of each member’s strengths and abilities. To sample “Passion”, visit the band’s website and enjoy the streaming track. (Better yet, go buy the album.)

Love isn’t meant to remain clandestine, so shout it from the rooftops, tell your friends, and lucky Ontario folks, get yourself out to the Crash The Occasion CD Release Show, Saturday, January 28 at The Mansion House in St. Catharines. Presented by the ever-popular IndoorShoes, the show is only $10 at the door or $8 in advance, a small price to pay for true love.

Check out the band’s website and Facebook for updates or to buy an album, and then pay attention. This is a band that’s going to go far, and you don’t want them to go without you.

Crash The Occasion - "Crash The Occasion"