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Today I Caught The Plague – “Lore”

On everyone’s music playlist, there are songs and artists that are recognizable from the first beat. Today I Caught The Plague, a six-piece progressive metal band from Ottawa, is definitely one of these bands, and their newest album Lore is unmistakably unique.

As the band’s first full-length album, Lore shows from the first pulse just who Today I Caught The Plague is and why they’re seen as one of the fastest rising progressive metal bands in Canada. The band doesn’t waste any time, and starting the album in a frenzy, “Consequence of Fratricide” leaves no question as to what this album is about. Fans of progressive metal will absolutely love TICTP. The sounds are multilayered and harmonized, and it is clear from the band’s technical and lyrical expertise that this is no rookie attempt at such an ambitious and powerful endeavour.

The album itself is a holistically solid accomplishment. The layers come together with smooth precision, but individually, each piece holds its own. Machine gun-style drumming, two wailing guitars, bass, keyboards, and consistently melodic and evocative vocals all contribute to a symphony of sound and an unmistakable identity. There are elements of metal, hardcore rock, and early classical influences in each song, and this album shows that there are no boundaries that can’t be pushed.

TICTP puts on an incredible live show as well, and the energy and activity on Lore shows why. Few bands can create such an adrenaline-filled collection of songs, and while this may not be the album you listen to on a romantic date or while meditating at a Buddhist monastery, it will pump you up and get your blood moving in ways that very few other bands dare to try.

No other band compares to Today I Caught The Plague. For a taste of Lore, check out the band’s website, Facebook or MySpace, and definitely get out to a live show! It is one crazy time that should not be missed.


Today I Caught The Plague - "Lore"