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Shows This Weekend (May 9 – 14)

Your mom made you, birthed you and raised you. Now say thank you by spending the whole weekend out with your friends! There are tons of shows this weekend, including Roaming Storms, Bad Habits Die Hard, Throne of Vengeance, Million Dollar Fix, DangerFloyd, Chron Goblin, Boy&Gurl and BILLAPULOOZA! With all this happening, it’s no surprise that “MOM” upside down is “WOW”!


Three Days Of DissentThree Days of Dissent starts tonight at Dickens Pub (1000 – 9th Ave SW)! Presented by Calgary Beer Core and the Interfaith Food Bank, tonight’s line-up features Torches to Triggers, Cadavor Dog, Truck, Oh Shit, Doberman, Victimize and Paint the Damage! You don’t wanna miss this one!
More info: Three Days of Dissent – Thursday!


Three Days Of DissentDay two of Three Days of Dissent! Tonight is the fantastic Throne of Vengeance, Bloated Pig, Class Action, Million Dollar Fix and Shotgun Dolls!
More info: Three Days of Dissent – Friday!

Prohab Helmet Society Fundraiser! Featuring Napalmpom, The Great Evil, Roaming StormsIt’s the Prohab Helmet Society Fundraiser at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW)! Raise money to protect your noggin while enjoying some awesome bands, including Napalmpom, The Great Evil and Roaming Storms!
More info: Prohab Helmet Society Fundraiser! Featuring Napalmpom, The Great Evil, Roaming Storms

Acres of Lions, Bad Habits Die Hard, Deepest OceanWicked night at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) with Acres of Lions, Bad Habits Die Hard and Deepest Ocean!
More info: Acres of Lions, Bad Habits Die Hard, Deepest Ocean


BILLAPULOOZAThe night we’ve all been waiting for: BILLAPULOOZA! Come down to The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail SW) and celebrate Big Bill’s birthday, support the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and enjoy a motherload of music with MUDD, Puttin’ on the Foil, Thrill of Falling, Countdown Arrest, Atacama Republic, Big Big Moose, 3 Head Cobra, Raise Your Weapon, Bloom, Kingdom of Few and the one and only Danny Nix! Help out and ROCK OUT!

3 Days Of Dissent May 11thDay three of Three Days of Dissent at Dickens Pub (1000 – 9th Ave SW)! Tonight is Stab.Twist.Pull, Chron Goblin, Kyoktys, His Last Words and more!
More info: Three Days of Dissent – Saturday!

 DangerFloyd @ May MeltCheck out DangerFloyd at May Melt! It’s a great day at the Sunalta Community Centre (1627 – 10th Ave SW) with live music, stand-up comedy, a lumberjack exhibition and lots more! The evening show also features Bitter Weed Draw, Dead Pretty, Mammoth Grove, All Hands on Jane, Robot Workers and more!
More info: Dangerfloyd @ May Melt


Boy&Gurl live at 4th Spot supporting the Tom Baker Cancer Conquerors for the Ride to Conquer CancerBoy&Gurl is playing an acoustic night of music at 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar (2620 – 4th St. SW)! Great music, awesome food, raffles and prizes, and they’re raising funds for the Tom Baker Cancer Conquerors team for the Ride to Conquer Cancer!
More info: Boy&Gurl live at 4th Spot supporting the Tom Baker Cancer Conquerors for the Ride to Conquer Cancer!

Mammoth Grove – “Mammoth Grove”

A lot of young music aficionados often lament the fact that we were not born earlier. “I wish I had lived in the ’70s!” we groan, thinking of the style, the bands, and the culture of earlier decades. Indeed, music had certain special qualities, and along with the historical and contextual importance of the music is the fact that musicians were actually good. Recorded albums had no digitalization, less mastering, and more raw talent. Today the best way to judge musical abilities is through the creation of live music, and lucky for us, Mammoth Grove gives us the best of both with some extraordinary talent and an incredible live album.

Recorded completely in one live session, the band’s self-titled EP is a five-track showcase of everything they do best. Full of catchy guitar riffs, harmonic vocals and head-bobbing percussion, the album also has that wickedly deep bass that tends to exist only in live shows. This is the type of music you can feel in your chest and shakes your entire core, a rare and happy find for a recorded album. It’s not just the bass, though; it’s the way the bass mixes with everything else to create a harmonic and powerful wall of sound. Guitar and bass have authority here, and in songs like “Hunted” and “Black Ocean” we’re treated to some awesome solos that show off real playing abilities and showmanship. Remembering this is a live album is difficult, as songs seem too seamless and intentional to be anything but perfected. This is raw, good music, and is something to experience rather than simply hear.

Thinking of similar sounds, a few other bands come to mind. The influence of classic rock bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The Doors definitely make an appearance, and after noticing a similarity between “Generation” and The Doors’ “L.A. Woman” you’ll find it hard to take away this association as you hear the riffs. This is a good comparison to make and one that is difficult (and rare) to create.

This is the classic rock sound we’ve been longing for. The dirty, natural feel of the ’60s and ’70s seeps from every track, and by blending more modern tones to remain current, the songs have a completely hip but timeless feel. Aficionados, lament no more. This is an incredibly smooth, incredibly satisfying (although short) collection of songs that leave you begging for more. For a taste of Mammoth Grove’s sound, check out Facebook, ReverbNation or MySpace, download some (FREE!) songs on BandCamp, and for a real experience, get to a live show. If they’re this good on a CD, imagine what they’re like onstage.

Mammoth Grove - "Mammoth Grove"