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Shows This Weekend (May 16 – 19)

LONG WEEKEND! Buy some beers, grab some friends and put on your party hats, because this weekend is gonna be stellar. Lots of shows, including Million Dollar Fix, Hunger Hush, Taylor Cochrane & 36?, Deluge, King Dylan, Throne of Vengeance, The Heartwicks, Chron Goblin and more! Yippee!


 *Shakeout* Million Dollar Fix, Electric Revival, John Lesbian Seagull @Drum &MonkeyTonight: Beatroute’s 2013 Shakeout Festival! Party your pants off at The Drum & Monkey (1201 – 1st St. SW) with Million Dollar Fix, Electric Revival and John Lesbian Seagull!
More info: *Shakeout* Million Dollar Fix, Electric Revival, John Lesbian Seagull @ Drum & Monkey


Dead Pretty, Jenavive, MallardIndie Week Alberta at Studio 37 (1690 – 37 St SW) with Dead PrettyJenavive and Mallard!
More info: The Road to Indie Week Alberta: Calgary

Hunger Hush - 20 Centuries of Stony Sleep - The Fortunate Isles - Chris HoDelicious evening at The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail SW) with Hunger Hush, Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep, The Fortunate Isles and Chris Ho!
More info: Hunger Hush – 20 Centuries of Stony Sleep – The Fortunate Isles – Chris Ho

The Fifth Reel Presents: BACK TO THE FUTURE - 50's PROM PARTY feat 36?The Fifth Reel presents: Back to the Future! Bring your Earth Angel to a ’50s prom party at The Plaza Theatre (1133 Kensington Rd NW) featuring 36?!
More info: The Fifth Reel Presents: BACK TO THE FUTURE – ’50s PROM PARTY feat 36?


Boonstock Bandwarz Tour 2013Tonight is the Calgary stop of the Boonstock Bandwarz Tour! Come down to Studio 82 (510 Heritage Drive SW) for a huge night of bands, including A War Within, Kingdom of Few, Lucid, Septembryo, Stoning Mary, The Implicate Order, Three Head Cobra and Throne of Vengeance!
More info: Boonstock Bandwarz Tour 2013

SHAKEOUT 2013 PT 2: Deluge, The Bokonists, The Rumble EP Release, Pretty Archie, Spoon River, SC Mira, Greenback TrioShakeout 2013 Part 2 at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW)! Upstairs from 5-9 is Pretty Archie, Spoon River, Sc Mira and Greenbank Trio; downstairs from 9-close is Deluge, The Bokononists and Scuzzy Garage Rockers!
More info: *Shakeout* 2013 Part 2

 HALF CHANCE HEROES w/ King Dylan, Burlap Sac, Mavis Beakin, Jordan Craig, & Shade GrayGreat night at The New Black (919 – 9th Ave SE) with Shade Gray, Jordan Craig, Mavis Beakin, Burlap Sac, King Dylan and Half Chance Heroes!
More info: HALF CHANCE HEROES w/ King Dylan, Burlap Sac, Mavis Beakin, Jordan Craig & Shade Gray

Ironwood Stage & GrillThe Heartwicks are at The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE) with The Kirby Sewell Band!
More info: The Ironwood on Facebook


 FREE show with Chron Goblin, The Wild, Fuck Off Dad and X-Ray CatThe 2013 Shakeout Festival wraps up tonight with a free show at The Drum & Monkey (1201 – 1st St. SW)! Tonight is the fantastic Chron Goblin, The Wild, Fuck Off Dad and X-Ray Cat! AND FREE SANDWICHES!
More info: FREE SHOW with Chron Goblin, The Wild, Fuck Off Dad and X-Ray Cat!

Taylor Cochrane – “Cleaning Up”

When one of our favourite artists comes out with a new EP, we usually expect to love it. We know they’ve got talent and we know we like them, so we also know the album will be great. In the case of Taylor Cochrane and his new EP Cleaning Up, we are left very, very happy. He’s come a long way since the release of his first album, Acoustic, last year, and with a ton of development and maturity behind him he’s solidified his reputation as one of Calgary’s best artists.

Cleaning Up is a huge step for Taylor. Now with a full band behind him and rich, well-developed songwriting his music seems even more special. Acoustic was a great introduction to Taylor as a comedic wordsmith: he’s able to tell a story with clever lyrics, puns and endless double entendres, and whether he’s looking to cause laughter or tears, he can do either without much effort. Cleaning Up continues this trend of fantastic (and at times absurd) songwriting but in a more mature, rounded way. He can easily be compared to such singer-songwriters as Jack Johnson, Ben Harper or Rob Sumwalt, and with equally strong vocals and instrumentals behind him on this album, he’s on a completely equal playing field.

The five tracks are all fantastic and a great representation of Taylor’s unique songwriting and vocals. He has a great way of writing songs you can dance to. Listen to “Victoria”, for example: right away you’ll picture a choreographed dance routine featuring a pretty girl. Who knows why, but the bouncy toe-tappiness is perfect for this image. Same goes for “Simple Song”: the rhymey, bouncey nature of the song has the perfect beat for an easy airdrum. Just try to listen to these tracks without tapping to the beat — impossible!

Taylor’s biggest strength is his simplicity. Simplicity is surprisingly hard to come by: so many songwriters try so hard to be “unique” or “artsy” that their songs are impossible to listen to, but Taylor avoids this problem by writing songs that make sense. You can actually sing along to these tracks (or at least listen along — why cover up Taylor’s great voice?).

Everything Taylor does just gets better and better, and now that he’s off on a new western tour it won’t be long before he comes out with something even more exciting. If you get the chance, see him on stage. Visit his website and follow him on Facebook for more info about his tour and upcoming releases, and remember to buy his album! He’s known as one of Calgary’s best for a reason.

Taylor Cochrane - "Cleaning Up"

Thirty Six (aka Taylor Cochrane Band) – Tour Kicks Off TONIGHT

Taylor Chochrane Tour Kickoff w/ Man Cub and Hunger Hush Past IFAM Thirty Six (aka Taylor Cochrane Band) will be hitting the road this weekend on their much anticipated Western Tour with 9 dates booked taking them to Vancouver Island and back.

The tour kicks off tonight at Broken City with MANcub and Hunger Hush opening the night to wish them off!! For more information on tonight’s show, click on the poster. Here is a little blurb on each band, courtesy of Broken City:

Taylor Cochrane: Every time this man opens his mouth a lyrical tapastry of absurdity, self depreciation and charm spewns forth filling any room he’s in. The cause? A colony of purple spiders who live in his head are constantly at work weaving said tapestry and controling his actions.

MANcub: I’d say a bunch of awesome things about this band but I won’t cause their bandcamp reads like a plot summery of StarWars: A New Hope and that alone should make you want to see them.

Hunger Hush: When was the last time you felt good? Like really good? What ever your answer your wrong cause you weren’t listening to Hunger Hush, the great great step nephew twice removed of all of the worlds best feel good bands.

For more information on the full tour, visit Taylor Cochrane’s website.

Taylor Cochrane – “Acoustic”

When Calgary-based Taylor Cochrane left his role as lead vocalist for The Kronic Groove Band, many of his fans expressed dismay: Where would Taylor go? What would he do? What was next for the talented and much-loved artist?

Fans had no need to worry, however. From start to finish, Cochrane’s debut and highly anticipated album “Acoustic” is an incredible collection of original songs that showcase the artist’s impressive talent as a songwriter. The album represents years of struggle and accomplishment for the talented Cochrane. A self-described “attention whore”, Cochrane shows skill and passion that most artists can only dream to achieve. Starting with the catchy “Narcissism and Yellow Fever” and ending with a bang with “This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You”, the album gets better with each listen. Cochrane draws on the inspiration of Elliott Smith, Say Anything, Regina Spektor, and The Beatles, adding his own brand of lyrics and energy to create a unique fusion of folk rock, reggae, ska and pop.

From the dreamy “It Feels Like We’re On A Safari”, which evokes images of beach parties and summer picnics, to the slower and honest self-reflective piece “Hypocrite”, Cochrane is a storyteller and a salesman. He’s not simply singing lyrics – his stories are believable and heartfelt, and his emotions, whether self-consciousness, hypochondria, or incredible sexual repression, come through clearly with each rhyme or folky phrase. At times bizarre and somewhat shocking, Cochrane’s lyrics are nothing less than honest, revealing a surprisingly deep and thoughtful writer. The listener is pulled in with catchy melodies and beats, but the lyrics themselves have so many double entendres and tricks that each listen reveals something that had previously gone unnoticed. With numerous double meanings, Cochrane’s lyrics are impressive and at times beautiful, at the very least.

It is refreshing to find a songwriter who doesn’t take himself so seriously and who is not just “dumping his depression on the world”. Cochrane reminds us of the ups and downs of being young, the struggles of life and relationships, and the day-to-day joy of being a gangster thug. We may not all feel the same way or understand what’s happening, but we can appreciate Cochrane’s quirkiness, his humour, and his incredible talent as a songwriter who still has so much left to share. The album truly is an incredible achievement of which Cochrane should be extremely proud. There is no doubt that he has “the wit, the talent, the confidence, [and] the inspiration to be great”, and no less is to be expected.

Listen to “Acoustic” and expect to love every track. You won’t be disappointed.

Taylor Cochrane - "Acoustic"