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Wind Up Radio Sessions – “Bird Eyes”

From the get-go, Bird Eyes is an album that brims with nostalgia and comfort. This is the second full studio album by the Montreal-based folk-rock band Wind Up Radio Sessions, and it doesn’t disappoint. With simple yet layered melodies, acoustic twang, and the full studio treatment, the album makes for an engaging, yet relaxed, listening experience. Each song has a regular, even pace that’s perfect for nodding your head to while you’re gathered around a fire with old friends.

Titles like “Family Bonds” and “Legally Dead” are full of warm folk sound, narrative lyrics, and ethereal sounds. “Backporch” deviates from expectations, adding synth to a chorus that gently carries the listener up and down through its melody. “To Be Alone” reminds the listener of what makes bands like Coldplay reigning favourites through the test of time, and “Caroline’s Dress” echoes with soulful melody. “Chesterfields” makes for a more uptempo tune, with a charismatic beat that insistently urges you forward to the song’s conclusion. The album wraps up with “Blades of Grass”, a song that reminds you that at their heart, Wind Up Radio Sessions are all about good folk music.

Bird Eyes is subtle and charming the first time you hear it, and it only grows more likable with the passage of time. I would definitely recommend this to any fans of folk or a nice chill rock session. You can learn more about these guys on their website, and Bird Eyes can be streamed and downloaded on BandCamp and on iTunes. Frankly, I can’t think of a better way for you to spend nine of your hard-won dollars.

Wind Up Radio Sessions - "Bird Eyes"

The Just Barelys – “Mad Bits”

Sometimes when you listen to an album you get a really good idea of the band’s personality. Whether it’s the lyrics, the tunes, or the overall sound of the music, the songs give good insight into the personalities of the band members and make the music a lot more fun. In the case of The Just Barelys, the music says the band is awesome. They seem quirky, cool, and just plain weird. It’s a taste of something different, and like the weird friends we have and the things that surprise us, they make our lives a hell of a lot more interesting.

Adding this interesting break to our music playlist is “Mad Bits“, the latest and highly anticipated release from the Halifax-based The Just Barelys. It has been an album in demand for several years, as fans have waited both patiently and longingly for a new release from the twosome, and it has met every desire. As we have come to expect from the band, they have created an album full of fantastic lyrics, inventive melodies, and a lot of randomness. It’s something you just can’t stop listening to, and even when the music sounds improvised and random, it slowly begins to make a lot of sense.

The sound might be considered “experimental electronic indie pop”. Think of a weird electronic version of Stars, or a poppy dance poetry reading. The melodies don’t follow the (boring) traditional structures or rules, but this is part of the fun. Imagine a kid making up a song as they sing to their food, but with lyrics about getting older or stealing satellite TV. For people who like this sort of quirkiness, the music is fantastic.

Other bands have tried and failed to create a similar sort of sound, but The Just Barelys bring something special to make their attempt successful. Mainly it’s their earnestness, not trying to be anything different than what they are. The guitar riffs are super catchy and inventive, and the two-part vocals go together in a way that’s not completely harmonious but still really cool to listen to. There are computerized beeps, some girly screaming, and rhythms to make you want to dance the robot. In the end, it’s a great album from a weird and awesome band. You can listen to and buy the album on Bandcamp, and then join the queue to demand more.

The Just Barelys - "Mad Bits"