Weatherly Releases Highly Anticipated New Single

Since their  hiatus in late 2012, Weatherly has been in writing mode. The band reunited in the fall of 2013 and most recently, the band has brought in a new guitarist.

The band’s latest single is Heart Of The City and it is being offered as a FREE download through Weatherly’s web store and their NoiseTrade page. Heart Of The City is about finding your inner strength and learning how stand tall.

“A friend brought me to this spot near the downtown area of Sudbury with a tree covered hill and a radio tower: the heart of the city. While I was standing there, I could see my whole life and began to reflect on all of the pain I had to endure. Standing above the city, I could see where I grew up and where I spent my young adulthood. I could think back on all of the heartbreaks and rejection I once faced.

Standing there was the pinnacle point in which I rediscovered myself and found the strength to carry on and fight the good fight in order to find my happiness.”

~Jason Fraser, Weatherly