Throne Of Vengeance Are Dedicated To The Local Music Scene

Since its conception in  early 2009, Throne Of Vengeance have always been proud of the city that they call home: Calgary. Over the years, the band has continued to support and cultivate the local music scene and their support isn’t going unnoticed.

After their Flesh Injection Tour in 2011, the band, along with Million Dollar Fix and Alkatine, created the Calgary Rock & Roll Club, an artist driven initiative to connect and network musicians with like-minded artists and industry folks in the Calgary music scene. Today, the group has nearly 500 members.

Jodi Brak from The Calgary Journal recently sat down with Throne Of Vengeance, and you can read the full article on The Calgary Journal’s website.

“[Throne Of Vengeance are] ambassadors of the local music scene.”

~Brett Whittingham of Chron Goblin