Thrill Of Falling Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of Their Upcoming Album

Thrill of Falling is set to release their highly anticipated follow up record “Truth For Lies” on April 25th. With the excitement building, Thrill of Falling would like to give their fans some insight into what this album means to them and how it all came together.

“We want our fans to see and hear more behind the songs and to get to know us more personally through these videos.”

~Jason Rempel, Vocals & Guitar – Thrill Of Falling

Track-By-Track: All We Know

Track-By-Track: Broken Hearts

Track-By-Track: Lonely Ones

Track-By-Track: Part Of Me

Track-By-Track: Seasons

Track-By-Track: So Long

Truth For Lies releases on April 25 and a CD Release is booked at The Nite Owl in Calgary.