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Deluge – “The Nether”

From the information that one can glean from the net, Calgary’s Deluge, an alt-indie four piece that plays in a style somewhere between punk-pop and geek rock, has moved on from being angry young men to slightly bewildered young adults; hence the title of their EP, The Nether, which they describe as being in a place in between. In this case that place is clearly in between being pissed-off kids and the next stage of life: being pissed-off adults.

So what does Deluge have to offer on this release from the spring of 2012? For some tastes (metalheads primarily) the whole vibe of this style of rock is a turn-off from the start, but to Deluge’s credit The Nether simply doesn’t sound like just another awkward, “geez we’re so uncool it’s cool” release. The reason for this is the strength of the songwriting. On the surface and perhaps even on first listen you get pretty much what you might expect from an album in this genre: lots of jangly guitars and stories about being uncool. The highlight of the EP is its second track, “Runaway Knights”, which features a story about an awkward meeting between a geek boy and a hot chick at a Misfits show. Somehow the hot chick ends up back at geek boy’s place, but rather than crow about how cool this now makes him the singer assures us that the fact that she didn’t go home with someone cooler and was still there simply “proves that she’s insane”. It’s no surprise that this tune was also released as the band’s only official music video which can been seen here.

The bottom line is that the songs on The Nether hold up well even after several hearings. That, to this ear (and decidedly metal tastes), comes as somewhat of a surprise: this is a really good rockin’ album!

On the technical side of things the six tracks we received for review sounded excellent with a clean depth of clarity between the instruments and vocals. Interestingly, if you purchase the release from Bandcamp for a mere $5 you actually get seven tracks. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to learn more and find out about shows. Our final thoughts: go buy the EP. You’ll be glad you did.

Deluge - "The Nether"