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Shows This Weekend (April 26 – 29)

Did you know that cold weather makes fingernails grow faster? In other news, there are a lot of great shows this weekend! Jung People, Open Air, Chakobsa, Dojo Workhorse, Short of Able and more are stopping by, plus the Original Music Showcase wrap-up show featuring the top three bands, Thrill of Falling, Redhead Mack and Raise Your Weapon!


Jung People/Violence/Viridians/The Alaska/Centuri (Western Canada Collective)Jung People are back from their six-week-long journey across the continent and are ready for some fun at Verns (622 – 8th Ave SW)! Joining them are Winnipeg’s Viridians, Van-City’s The Alaska, and Calgary’s own Violence and Centuri! More info: Jung People/Violence/Viridians/The Alaska/Centuri (Western Canada Collective)

One Bad Son, Open Air, DaywalkerCome on down to The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a great night of music, featuring One Bad Son, Open Air and Daywalker! More info: One Bad Son, Open Air, Daywalker


 Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band present the Callisto CD Release PartyCallisto is releasing their long-awaited album tonight at The Stetson (10002 MacLeod Trail SW)! Presented by the Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band, this will be a great night that also includes Oh Shit, Chakobsa, Caught Off Guard and Franky Vallee! More info: Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band present the Callisto CD Release Party

UNTAPPED Alberta with Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St.John, Jessica JalbertUntapped Alberta at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW)! Another great night of Albertan awesomeness, including Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St. John and Jessica Jalbert! More info: UNTAPPED Alberta with Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St. John, Jessica Jalbert


 SELF-SPOKEN COMPETITION (ACCAPELLA)yyc.Check out something a little different Rio Bar & Grill (800 – 6th Ave SW) with the Self-Spoken Competition! This is a 100% ACCAPELLA spoken word competition that also features a live band, DJ dance party, live art/painting auction and crowd prizes! More info: SELF-SPOKEN COMPETITION

Original Music Showcase - Wrap up Party/ShowOriginal Music Showcase wraps up tonight at The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail) with the top three bands all taking the stage! Winners Thrill of Falling, Redhead Mack and Raise Your Weapon will all be playing this free show you don’t want to miss! More info: Original Music Showcase – Wrap-up Party/Show


Ironwood Stage & GrillEdmonton’s Short of Able is in town playing The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE)! We like them. More info: Short of Able at The Ironwood

Amazing Talent @ Canadian Music Week 2013

In case you haven’t heard, Canadian Music Week is just around the corner, with over 1,000 musicians performing at 60 venues music from March 19 – 24 in Toronto.

The representation across the country (and from outside Canada) is phenomenal and Calgary is no exception. We’re super proud that we’ve had the privilege of working with many of these bands, including 5 of our past Indie403 Featured Artists:

Go for the EyesJennyJung PeopleKing DylanSeptembryo

We’ve also had the pleasure to listen and review albums from many CMW bands:

Cousins (A Palm At The End Of The Mind)Diemonds (The Bad Pack)Fur Eel (Perhaps Another Time & Elephant Summer)Jennah Barry (Young Men)Kaptur (Thousands)Of Gentlemen & Cowards (Warminster), King Dylan (Dinosaurs On Broadway), Rain Over St. Ambrose (Overton Window)Rend (No Lines)Septembryo (The Dreambuilder)Short of Able (The Last One’s Gone), The North Lakes (Grand Prix)Wind Up Radio Sessions (Bird Eyes).

And of course whenever they played in Calgary, we’ve given the following CMW bands a shout-out: Bend Sinister, Diemonds, Double Fuzz, Fur Eel, Go for the Eyes, Hunger Hush, Jenny, JJ Shiplett, Jung People, King Dylan, Kingdom of Few, Miesha And The Spanks, Peer Support, Rend, Rockets and Dinosaurs, Septembryo & The Suppliers.

Congrats to all and have an awesome Festival!

Indie403 - Canadian Music Week

Kyley Styles – “One Short of a Six Pack”

In anticipation of writing this review I checked out Kyley Styles’s Facebook page and was immediately struck by the line accompanying his profile pic: “Life is tough. Write a song.”  What struck me upon seeing this is the context it gives the EP’s lyrics which focus primarily on the perils of human relationships. That isn’t to say that they are dry, boring or the sort of navel-gazing drivel we get from some indie/alt acts – Styles presents his view of the world with tongue firmly planted in cheek but still manages to touch the heart.

The EP gets off to a kick-ass start with the infectious “Eye of the Beholder”, a groovy hook-laden tune that reminds me of little-known Canadian indie act Barstool Prophets, who had some brief success in the mid-90’s with the song, “Paranoia”. Stylistically (bad pun intended) these two tunes are of a kind and that is definitely a compliment. In fact, this track would have been my choice for release to radio, which is not to say that “Halo”, the track that was released to radio, is unworthy. It’s simply true for me that “Beholder” is a whole body groove out, head-banging, air-guitar, sing-along endorphin rush.  That, my friends, is worth the price of admission, especially at $4.99 from iTunes!

The balance of the EP is equally satisfying in different ways, although the tone softens somewhat on tracks 2, 3 and 5. Upon first listen I have to admit to being a little confused about what genre Styles fits into; however, on several repeat listens this became less and less of a concern due in large part, I believe, to the fact that Styles is the songwriter and the band all wrapped up in one: with the exception of drums on track 1 and Uncle Bill’s violin, Styles plays all the instruments on the EP himself. As a dabbler in home recording and a hack at multi-instrumentation I can tell you that is no small feat. Being the single creative force behind a project is really, really risky: when it works it can be magic but when it doesn’t…

Fortunately for Kyley Styles it works perfectly: to this ear the key weapon in the Styles arsenal is his ability to create memorable hooks. Lots of us can play a few chords, hum a melody, add a lyric and call it a song but few can weave the elements of a great song/great performance/great recording into an emotional experience that is memorable. What strikes me most about Styles’s songwriting ability is his sense of phrasing and rhythm, key elements in creating a memorable hook and it’s the hooks that, well, hook us (my editor is cringing).

The bottom line is that I love One Short of a Six Pack, and that is saying something coming from a middle-aged metal-head who doesn’t list indie/alt rock amongst his top 3 genres. Head on over to iTunes and invest $4.99 in some endorphin-firing rock ‘n’ roll. You’ll be glad you did.

p.s.  Once you buy the EP make sure you head over to the Kyley Styles website to download the accompanying .pdf EP booklet. Do that Here.

Kyley Styles - "One Short of a Six Pack"