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Shows This Weekend (May 23 – 28)

Rain, rain, go away… There’s lots to do in Calga-ray! That rhyme was awful, but this weekend won’t be! We’ve got Jenavive, Open Air, T. Buckley, Septembryo and Daywalker, PLUS a TON of bands at the In Our Blood Indie Music Festival, including Throne of Vengeance, Thrill of Falling, Kingdom of Few and MORE!


Bleeker Ridge with guests Jenavive and The AllensCome down to the Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a great show with Orillia, Ontario’s Bleeker Ridge, Calgary’s Jenavive and The Allens! More info: Bleeker Ridge with guests Jenavive and The Allens

Ironwood Stage & GrillFlying Fox & the Hunter Gatherers and Raleigh are live at The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE)! More info: Ironwood on Facebook


All Hands on Jane, BickerBro's, Open AIRTonight is the fourth and final show for The Road to Indie Week Alberta! Come down to Studio 37 (1690 – 37th St. SW) to find out who the last band chosen from Calgary will be. Will it be All Hands on Jane, BickerBro’s or Open AIR? And check out guest headliner Kingdom of Few! More info: The Road to Indie Week Alberta: Calgary – May 24

IN OUR BLOOD MUSIC FEST AND SOFT BALL TOURNAMENTEveryone’s favourite time of year: The In Our Blood Indie Music Festival!!! (!) Friday through Sunday, join the softball tournament, frolic in the beer gardens and enjoy some kickass music, including (but definitely not limited to): Throne of Vengeance, Kingdom of Few, A War Within, Thrill of Falling, Raise Your Weapon, Puttin’ on the Foil and more! More info: In Our Blood Music Fest and Softball Tournament



Ironwood Stage & GrillThe fantastic T. Buckley is at the Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE) with his band! More info: Ironwod on Facebook THRILL OF FALLING, SEPTEMBRYO & JENAVIVE LIVE AT STUDIO 37

Join Thrill of Falling, Septembryo and Jenavive at Studio 37 (1690 – 37th St. SW) for an evening of pure delight. More info: Thrill of Falling, Septembryo & Jenavive Live at Studio 37


BROKEN CITY TURNS 9! Featuring Barn Burner, Falcon, Daywalker and Outlaws of RavenhurstGet rowdy at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW) as they turn nine! Great night featuring Barn Burner, Falcon, Daywalker and Outlaws of Ravenhurst! More info: Broken City Turns 9!

Shows This Weekend (May 2 – 5)

What do Star Wars nerds, Mexicans and Calgarians have in common? They’ll all have a fantastic weekend! Lots of shows going down in Cowtown, including Double Fuzz, Septembryo, Bloom, Dead Pretty (Black Phoenix Orchestra) and the Sled Island Rock Lottery Fundraiser!


Double Fuzz Tour Launch, The Escorts, All Hands on JaneIt’s the Double Fuzz tour launch! Come on down to The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) and help them fundraise for their tour with great shows by them, The Escorts and All Hands on Jane!
More info: Double Fuzz Tour Launch, The Escorts, All Hands on Jane


The Road to Indie Week: AlbertaWeek 1 of The Road to Indie Week: Alberta competition starts tonight at Studio 37 (1690 – 37th Ave SW)! Come cheer on Frankie McQueen, Septembryo, BLOOM and Candelora as they fight their way to the top!
More info: The Road to Indie Week: Alberta

 Come meet DEAD PRETTY, Columbia and MuddDead Pretty, the new face of Black Phoenix Orchestra, is here tonight to blow you away! Get down to the Dog & Duck Pub (5340 – 2nd Street SW) for a great show that also includes Vancouver’s Columbia and local boys Mudd!
More info: Come Meet DEAD PRETTY

Sled Island Rock Lottery Fundraiser!Woah – the Sled Island Rock Lottery Fundraiser! 25 of Calgary’s best-loved musicians will be at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a weird, wonderful and weirdly wonderful night that will involve drawing names from a hat and creating some new bands. What? Maybe you should come on down and see what it’s all about. Members of The Dudes, Stalwart Sons, The Gooeys, Falcon, Faux Fur and many, many more will be there!
More info: Sled Island Rock Lottery Fundraiser!

The Advantage Of Attending Music Showcases

With a growing music community and the ability to network and connect to virtually anywhere in the world, it’s easy to get locked into the digital communication world. Social media and video conferencing are great tools when used properly, but nothing measures up to a good old face-to-face conversation, especially when it comes to networking in the music industry.

Events such as: North By… and South By… festivals, Canadian Music Week,  and Indie Week, allow for musicians to not only travel and learn from industry professionals, but they also provide the opportunity to showcase their music to a large audience of industry professionals, other musicians, and most importantly, to music lovers. With most of the events lasting a few days, and others lasting up to a week, musicians should always take in as much as they can when attending these festivals and conferences.

©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz
©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz

Indie403 caught up with 2 musicians and a magazine editor, all based in Calgary, who attended the 2013 Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

Curtis Butala – Vocalist for Kingdom of Few

Michael Valenzuela – Drummer for Septembryo

Shannon Ambrose – Chief Managing Editor and Founder of The Portal Magazine

Here are some comments from the musicians side of attending Canadian Music Week:

Curtis: “This trip marked the 2nd time Kingdom of Few has made the trip to Toronto, the first time being for Toronto Indie Week.  The connections that we made [during] our first trip lent well to our experience at CMW, allowing us to book more shows and network more effectively…and drink for free!

What you see right away at CMW is that a vibrant and passionate music community resides in Toronto, with all styles of music well represented.  Original music venues litter Queen Street, with line ups of passionate music fans out the door.  Bands support one another, bouncing from showcase to showcase.  You get the feeling Toronto is the mecca for independent artists.  The Marriot was packed daily with people from all walks of the music and entertainment business, with eager bands and artists trying to make their mark on the scene.”

Michael:Septembryo‘s trip to Toronto was very worthwhile and insightful. [CMW] is a massive event in which musicians and industry professionals all gather in Toronto to perform, learn, network and enlighten. We were invited to showcase and perform a set at one of the many venues that were delegated for the event. We got the gig by applying through Sonicbids.com which was followed up by many emails and a detailed registration process. Septembryo got to reach a new crowd and get our music and circle of influence spreading out to a new city.

I know the trip might not seem like a worthwhile thing from an outside perspective, but it was very worthwhile for us. It was an educational experience and the more my band and I are present at events like this, the more we can have a relevant impact on the important people in the industry.”

“The summit [portion of the festival] was based on vital information sessions going on all week with industry professionals. One of the perks of getting invited to showcase at CMW is that you get to attend the summit for free. To put things into perspective, the summit costs around $600-$900 to attend if you don’t have a free pass. We were able to sit in on these summit sessions and absorb advice and experienced outlooks on various elements regarding the music industry. We were also occasionally able to talk and network with these important people who were all gathered at the Marriot Hotel.

©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz
©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz

Some of the summit sessions we attended included: Keynote with Arthur Fogel, Chairman, Global Music and CEO, Global Touring, Live Nation, Celebrity Interview – A Conversation with METRIC, Featured Speaker Tom Jackson, Live Music Producer, OnstageSuccess.com, USA, Panel Discussion on Licensing Issues Worldwide: Where Do We Stand?, Music For The Screen – Putting Your Music In Film & TV, and Presentation – The Elements of a Hit Song.”

And here are some comments from the industry side of attending Canadian Music Week:

Shannon: “This being my third time to Canadian Music Week, I went prepared for what I was about to experience, or so I thought.

The fact that its five long days and very late nights hadn’t changed but there were some other obvious changes.  First off, the hub of all things CMW moved from the Royal York as host hotel, to the Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre and that wasn’t the only change this year.

Another major change this year was moving two of the four award shows from afternoon luncheons to evening events, as well as the dates they were held on. The Indies (Independent Music Awards) moved from Saturday night to Friday, the Canadian Radio Music Awards, formally a Friday afternoon luncheon, was now held on Wednesday evening, and the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards were open to the media for the first time. Attending awards shows is always fun and exciting, though at times a little frustrating as media. It’s a great opportunity to get audio or video content with winners and guests backstage, as well as experiencing the excitement as award recipients are brought backstage.

©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz
©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz

Canadian Music Fest – a crazy six nights, with 1000 artists performing in any one of 60 venues is an original Indie music lovers delight. It’s virtually impossible to take every show in, but the best way to experience CMF is to hop from venue to venue, catching as much as possible. Most of the venues are a short walk apart, so it isn’t that difficult to hit 3 or 4 venues in one night.  I’ve “discovered” several original bands I’ve never heard of before during CMF, and usually come home with a handful of CDs to review.

All that said, each year I attend Canadian Music Week, I see it as a great networking opportunity, meeting industry professionals, spreading the word of The PORTAL Magazine, attending conferences to advance my knowledge of the industry and basically being seen in the rich, creative environment.”

Michael: “Not only was I there to represent my band, I also was well represented as a graphic designer while I was there. Other than my band Septembryo, 2 other Alberta based bands (Rend and Maddison Krebs) were also showcasing at Canadian Music Week. I have done design work for these artists, so it is good to know the albums and business cards and posters I created for them were being handed out to industry professionals. These bands are both really talented and were getting a lot of attention during the week, so this could be very good if people appreciate my design work.”

©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz
©Michael Valenzuela 2013 @Mickey_Valenz


In closing, here are some words of wisdom from our 3 attendees of Canadian Music Week:

“It takes a while to build dreams and to have them mature from ideas to reality, but we are on our way. Slowly but surely.”

~Michael Valenzuela | Drummer, Septembryo

“Overall the trip experience is what you make of it.  Get your face seen, get your voice heard and meet some like minded artists.
It also looks great on your resume. Alberta was well represented at CMW with great acts like Oldbury, Double Fuzz and Septembryo.
I came away with the feeling that success is just around the corner for many of us here in Alberta, and that we are part of
something special here.”

~Curtis Butala | Vocalist, Kingdom of Few

“For anyone serious about a career in the music industry I recommend attending Canadian Music Week at least once. The conferences are extremely valuable, and the networking opportunities are priceless.”

~Shannon Ambrose |  Chief Managing Editor, The Portal Magazine

Amazing Talent @ Canadian Music Week 2013

In case you haven’t heard, Canadian Music Week is just around the corner, with over 1,000 musicians performing at 60 venues music from March 19 – 24 in Toronto.

The representation across the country (and from outside Canada) is phenomenal and Calgary is no exception. We’re super proud that we’ve had the privilege of working with many of these bands, including 5 of our past Indie403 Featured Artists:

Go for the EyesJennyJung PeopleKing DylanSeptembryo

We’ve also had the pleasure to listen and review albums from many CMW bands:

Cousins (A Palm At The End Of The Mind)Diemonds (The Bad Pack)Fur Eel (Perhaps Another Time & Elephant Summer)Jennah Barry (Young Men)Kaptur (Thousands)Of Gentlemen & Cowards (Warminster), King Dylan (Dinosaurs On Broadway), Rain Over St. Ambrose (Overton Window)Rend (No Lines)Septembryo (The Dreambuilder)Short of Able (The Last One’s Gone), The North Lakes (Grand Prix)Wind Up Radio Sessions (Bird Eyes).

And of course whenever they played in Calgary, we’ve given the following CMW bands a shout-out: Bend Sinister, Diemonds, Double Fuzz, Fur Eel, Go for the Eyes, Hunger Hush, Jenny, JJ Shiplett, Jung People, King Dylan, Kingdom of Few, Miesha And The Spanks, Peer Support, Rend, Rockets and Dinosaurs, Septembryo & The Suppliers.

Congrats to all and have an awesome Festival!

Indie403 - Canadian Music Week

Septembryo – “The Dreambuilder”

At a time of year known for stress, anxiety and unavoidable family quarrels, nothing is more welcome than a lighthearted and energy-filled escape from the real world. The Dreambuilder, the debut EP from Calgary super-band Septembryo, is exactly what we need right now. It’s catchy, mood-elevating and almost trancelike, making even the most bitter family events tolerable.

Released in September 2011, the album has only four tracks, but like most EPs it is a delicious taste test of the multi-course meal that will come on the future full-length album. Septembryo is a tricky band to describe, but it’s an interesting combination of electro-alt-rock-pop: think of a marriage between Head Automatica and 30 Seconds to Mars, adding the occasional love affairs with Daft Punk, Incubus and bands like Mariana’s Trench. An interesting collection, but somehow it works.

All these sounds combine to make something unique and actually enjoyable to listen to. The percussion, bass, guitar, synthetic sounds and vocals come together really well, floating between electronic pop and some darker ambience and offering a glimpse of some stellar musical talent. These are good songs for a movie soundtrack: they’re great on their own but even better as an accompaniment to some other action, whether in the bedroom (ahem) or just walking down the street.

The real impact of Septembryo is felt after a few listens. The album is great to listen to (you’ll dance, you’ll sing, you’ll bust out some air drums) but it’s a few hours later when you can’t stop humming “Affirmations” that you really begin to realise its impact. It’s as though the tracks cunningly work their way into your brain, only to appear when you least expect it. Like it or not, you’ve got to admit it’s a sign of good songwriting and a pretty meaningful accomplishment. These are good songs; they’re different, and once you fall in love with Septembryo’s sound, it’s a near-guarantee that they will become a regular fixture on your playlist and songs you will actually listen to.

Now is the time to buy the album! As a special Christmas treat, Septembryo is offering their EP for half price (only $5!) until December 26 – pick it up on iTunes or if you’re one of us audiophiles who love an actual disc, get one here! Go take a look at the band’s website, too, and spread the news around with some holiday cheer. After all, isn’t music a better gift than a pair of slippers?

Septembryo - "Dreambuilder"