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Open Air – “All My Queens”

Stuck in traffic on the long drive home from work, it’s easy to become trapped in a steel cage of road rage and frustration. The music on the radio doesn’t help. Adele? Rihanna? Please. What you need is something fast, something rockin’, something awesome. Bring on Open Air.

Based in Calgary, Open Air is a pump-you-up, hold-nothing-back kind of rock band. Their 2011 release “All My Queens” has exactly the “in-yo-face” energy needed for rush hour hell, and this album is damn good. Six tracks of good time rock fly by, eliciting rock-on devil horns and the occasional “Yeeeaah!” as the album carefully treads the fine line between cheese and gravy, super fun but still legitimately awesome. It’s so modernly old-school – a 2011 version of Iron Maiden or KISS with some extra aggression and energy for good measure.

The songs are all well-written and well-played, giving an unexpected look at rock done right. They’re not overly complicated or technical songs, but the cheerful simplicity of these tracks is what makes them so great. Take “Make Our Own Luck”, for example: Guitars are rich and clean, drumming is totally solid, and everything about the vocals is amazing. The singing, screaming, Dave Grohl-ish voice of lead vocalist Steven Mansfield complements each instrumental layer of the album and makes this an unforgettable experience. It might have something to do with the mixing, too – the album sounds good enough to blow your mind, but still pure and unedited. You will die to hear this band play on stage and judging from the energy on the album, they must put on one hell of a show.

There is no such thing as a “best track” on this album. Everything is great, and to get a real taste of the band’s sound, you have to listen to everything. Check out their MySpace page for some delicious samples, but then get your ass out there to buy the EP. For info on shows, news, pics and propositions, go on and like their Facebook page and follow them obsessively. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, pop in some Open Air, and raise those devil horns high. Yeeaaaah!

Open Air - "All My Queens"