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Big City Supreme – Sampler

Some music just sounds great on summer days. Summer is fun and groovy, and the best music should be exactly the same. Big City Supreme, a four-piece band out of Edmonton, is a great example of summertime rock, and their three-song sampler is the perfect thing to listen to on a warm afternoon. This collection is completely solid, and as a showcase of their original song-writing and polished instrumental skills, it is a great introduction to what will undoubtedly be an impressive musical future.

This is a fantastic EP. There are only three songs (torture, seriously) but these three songs are really good and super catchy. Think of older Offspring meets Red Hot Chili Peppers, with elements of Big Sugar and a more pop-punky Blink182. There are some definite Anthony Kiedis-style vocals and with wicked guitar solos and really groovy bass and drums, this is a fab combination of sounds. Each track is great right away; there’s no break-in period or time needed to evaluate, and you’ll be completely hooked from the first listen. Big City Supreme has the skills, that’s for sure, and these songs actually have the potential to be hit singles.

Instruments and vocals complement each other really well. Take “Gold Dipped Diamonds”, for example: the vocals are more spoken than sung, but with bass and guitar providing the melody, it’s still a catchy and singworthy track. “The Upper Hand” and “Gone for Good” follow a similar pattern, with vocals and guitars meshing together to create a solid melody. This is what makes the songs so catchy and memorable, and while it’s obvious these guys aren’t rookie musicians, the songs are simple enough to understand. It will come as no surprise when the band hits the big time, and it won’t be long before that happens.

There are about eight hundred places to hear Big City Supreme’s songs, so take your pick! What do you like better? Facebook? ReverbNation? MySpace? Twitter? Or their website? Even better, look below! Or why not by the tracks on iTunes, 7Digital, or Amazon? We get it, they’re everywhere. This summer, they deserve to be.

For a taste of Big City Supreme, listen to “Gold Dipped Diamonds“:

Big City Supreme - Sampler