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Rain Over St. Ambrose – “Overton Window”

There must be something in our water that makes Canadian bands so talented. From coast to coast, the Canadian music scene has brought forth musicians with incredible skill, unique sounds and talents that make us proud to wave the flag.

Rain Over St. Ambrose, an incredible band with an even more incredible story, hails from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, producing near-perfect rock music and what is arguably one of the year’s best albums. This is quite a claim to make, and for a new band, an almost unbelievable accomplishment that should not be taken lightly.

The story of the band’s origins is remarkable and bittersweet. Just one week after Curtis LeBlanc told his son, Cory, that he would rather see him as frontman of a band instead of stuck behind drums, Curtis suffered a heart attack and died. The next day, Cory LeBlanc honoured his father’s wishes, picking up his guitar and leaving the drums behind. From the darkness emerged Rain Over St. Ambrose, named for the weather the day of the funeral and fulfilling a destiny that may have otherwise gone unclaimed.

Overton Window” is the band’s second EP this year, a testament to the band’s talent, diversity, and pure tenacity. On first listen, the album sounds incredible. It has the initial ear-catching and superficial sound that make the music radio-friendly and easy to listen to, but with each additional listen the tracks show more depth and meaning than most bands can ever produce. With its thoughtful lyrics, solid guitars and drums and Cory’s truly mind-blowing voice, “Overton Window” is out of this world.

The album’s song-to-song diversity is almost surprising. Each track sounds different, and although Rain Over St. Ambrose’s sound is unique and unmatchable, it is the band’s variety that offers a prediction of huge success. They fit into a niche of “dirty” rock, that somewhat raw “rock n’ roll meets soul” sound that evokes eye-closed emotion in a non-cheesy way, like the older, better form of Kings of Leon mixed with Sam Roberts.

The EP will be officially released November 1, but in the meantime, people who are lucky enough to live in Atlantic Canada have the extra luxury of being able to see the band’s live show. Visit their Facebook page for news and music samples, and check out their website for more information. All tracks can be streamed on bandcamp, and as an added bonus, the single “Campfires” is available for download, offering a tease as we wait for the official EP release. Rain Over St. Ambrose is going to be huge, and it is easy to predict that they will make both Curtis LeBlanc and Canada very, very proud.

Upcoming Shows:
Oct. 14 – Sydney, NS – Governor’s Pub
Oct. 15 – Inverness, NS – The Hoff
Oct. 27 – Moncton, NB – Plan B
Nov. 05 – Yarmouth, NS – Dooly’s (NSMW Showcase)

Rain Over St. Ambrose - "Overton Window"