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Future Craft – “Future Craft”

The point of an EP is simple: to give a short taste of a band’s sound. It’s promotional: it shows off everything great about a band, everything they have to offer, and why you should love them. In the case of Future Craft‘s self-titled debut, the EP says the band’s got a lot — and even more left to come.

Future Craft is a young, fun, and incredibly talented rock band from Calgary, and anyone who has seen them perform live can tell you they’ve got a ton of energy. Watching the band is exciting, and with their expressiveness, cohesion, and chemistry, it’s actually hard to look away from the stage during their set. They’re captivating, and their EP brings the same element of showmanship and energy to the recorded music. This is usually a difficult task, but Future Craft somehow pulls it off.

Future Craft is great at writing really fun, super catchy songs. Their riffs get stuck in your head for days, and the opening track “Clothes” will have you “ooo”-ing incessantly. This says a lot about them. In their words, the band sounds like “a bunch of bees trapped in a washing machine on the moon” – can you think of a better description? The melodies are catchy, the vocals fit perfectly with their brand of classic alt-grunge-garage, and the drums move everything along with total passion. The songs are fun, but they rock. Check the lyrics, too: they’re clever and well-written, literate and almost poetic in songs like “Illusionist” and then funny-but-inspired in “Shoot to Kill” and “In Town”. They have definite elements of grunge and alternative bands like Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and Modest Mouse, with bits of RHCP or Gorillaz-like hip hop in “In Town”.

The five tracks show actual diversity in terms of melody, rhythm, and writing style, giving a great idea of the band’s range of abilities and their various talents. This makes it hard to choose a favourite song on the EP, but also means it’s possible to listen to repeatedly. Speaking of which: because it’s a short album, the EP ends before you know it, and next thing you know you’ve played it on repeat 24 times! No complaints, though; this is a good sign, and Future Craft is a great EP.

If you get the chance to see Future Craft’s live show, definitely take it. They’re even better on stage than they are on the EP, but for a great taste of everything they have to offer buy the album! Check out a few songs on ReverbNation, go like them on Facebook, and check back for an updated website. Just don’t be surprised when their songs get stuck in your head.

Future Craft - "Future Craft"