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Shows This Weekend (May 16 – 19)

LONG WEEKEND! Buy some beers, grab some friends and put on your party hats, because this weekend is gonna be stellar. Lots of shows, including Million Dollar Fix, Hunger Hush, Taylor Cochrane & 36?, Deluge, King Dylan, Throne of Vengeance, The Heartwicks, Chron Goblin and more! Yippee!


 *Shakeout* Million Dollar Fix, Electric Revival, John Lesbian Seagull @Drum &MonkeyTonight: Beatroute’s 2013 Shakeout Festival! Party your pants off at The Drum & Monkey (1201 – 1st St. SW) with Million Dollar Fix, Electric Revival and John Lesbian Seagull!
More info: *Shakeout* Million Dollar Fix, Electric Revival, John Lesbian Seagull @ Drum & Monkey


Dead Pretty, Jenavive, MallardIndie Week Alberta at Studio 37 (1690 – 37 St SW) with Dead PrettyJenavive and Mallard!
More info: The Road to Indie Week Alberta: Calgary

Hunger Hush - 20 Centuries of Stony Sleep - The Fortunate Isles - Chris HoDelicious evening at The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail SW) with Hunger Hush, Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep, The Fortunate Isles and Chris Ho!
More info: Hunger Hush – 20 Centuries of Stony Sleep – The Fortunate Isles – Chris Ho

The Fifth Reel Presents: BACK TO THE FUTURE - 50's PROM PARTY feat 36?The Fifth Reel presents: Back to the Future! Bring your Earth Angel to a ’50s prom party at The Plaza Theatre (1133 Kensington Rd NW) featuring 36?!
More info: The Fifth Reel Presents: BACK TO THE FUTURE – ’50s PROM PARTY feat 36?


Boonstock Bandwarz Tour 2013Tonight is the Calgary stop of the Boonstock Bandwarz Tour! Come down to Studio 82 (510 Heritage Drive SW) for a huge night of bands, including A War Within, Kingdom of Few, Lucid, Septembryo, Stoning Mary, The Implicate Order, Three Head Cobra and Throne of Vengeance!
More info: Boonstock Bandwarz Tour 2013

SHAKEOUT 2013 PT 2: Deluge, The Bokonists, The Rumble EP Release, Pretty Archie, Spoon River, SC Mira, Greenback TrioShakeout 2013 Part 2 at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW)! Upstairs from 5-9 is Pretty Archie, Spoon River, Sc Mira and Greenbank Trio; downstairs from 9-close is Deluge, The Bokononists and Scuzzy Garage Rockers!
More info: *Shakeout* 2013 Part 2

 HALF CHANCE HEROES w/ King Dylan, Burlap Sac, Mavis Beakin, Jordan Craig, & Shade GrayGreat night at The New Black (919 – 9th Ave SE) with Shade Gray, Jordan Craig, Mavis Beakin, Burlap Sac, King Dylan and Half Chance Heroes!
More info: HALF CHANCE HEROES w/ King Dylan, Burlap Sac, Mavis Beakin, Jordan Craig & Shade Gray

Ironwood Stage & GrillThe Heartwicks are at The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE) with The Kirby Sewell Band!
More info: The Ironwood on Facebook


 FREE show with Chron Goblin, The Wild, Fuck Off Dad and X-Ray CatThe 2013 Shakeout Festival wraps up tonight with a free show at The Drum & Monkey (1201 – 1st St. SW)! Tonight is the fantastic Chron Goblin, The Wild, Fuck Off Dad and X-Ray Cat! AND FREE SANDWICHES!
More info: FREE SHOW with Chron Goblin, The Wild, Fuck Off Dad and X-Ray Cat!

Amazing Talent @ Canadian Music Week 2013

In case you haven’t heard, Canadian Music Week is just around the corner, with over 1,000 musicians performing at 60 venues music from March 19 – 24 in Toronto.

The representation across the country (and from outside Canada) is phenomenal and Calgary is no exception. We’re super proud that we’ve had the privilege of working with many of these bands, including 5 of our past Indie403 Featured Artists:

Go for the EyesJennyJung PeopleKing DylanSeptembryo

We’ve also had the pleasure to listen and review albums from many CMW bands:

Cousins (A Palm At The End Of The Mind)Diemonds (The Bad Pack)Fur Eel (Perhaps Another Time & Elephant Summer)Jennah Barry (Young Men)Kaptur (Thousands)Of Gentlemen & Cowards (Warminster), King Dylan (Dinosaurs On Broadway), Rain Over St. Ambrose (Overton Window)Rend (No Lines)Septembryo (The Dreambuilder)Short of Able (The Last One’s Gone), The North Lakes (Grand Prix)Wind Up Radio Sessions (Bird Eyes).

And of course whenever they played in Calgary, we’ve given the following CMW bands a shout-out: Bend Sinister, Diemonds, Double Fuzz, Fur Eel, Go for the Eyes, Hunger Hush, Jenny, JJ Shiplett, Jung People, King Dylan, Kingdom of Few, Miesha And The Spanks, Peer Support, Rend, Rockets and Dinosaurs, Septembryo & The Suppliers.

Congrats to all and have an awesome Festival!

Indie403 - Canadian Music Week

King Dylan – “Dinosaurs On Broadway”

Truth be told, a lot of people don’t like hip hop. It has certain connotations, definitely, and the “rock” crowd tends to look down on the “hip hop” scene with some disdain. There’s no real reason for this separation, maybe just a bit of misunderstanding and some built-in prejudice. Really, though, hip hop and rock aren’t all that different, especially in the case of Calgary’s own King Dylan.

King Dylan has emerged from the mean streets of Calgary to inject some new life into the city’s hip hop scene. Self-described as a “Speed Skater turned Rapper turned Rocker turned Rapper”, King Dylan isn’t your ordinary hip hop artist. He shows influence from a number of genres as he incorporates flavours of rock and pop into his rap, and on his new album “Dinosaurs On Broadway“, he gives us reason to love hip hop. This is his third official solo album, and while he occasionally brings in the help of other artists and musicians, he shows why he’s known as King.

With 16 tracks, “Dinosaurs On Broadway” covers everything from singable pop (“Still Lonely”) to more fast-paced bippity bop (“Bad Guy” or “Talk About Me”) and shows an interesting mix of influences. King Dylan names everyone from Mötley Crüe to Ice Cube to Megadeath as inspirations for his sound, blending rap, rock and heavy metal into a signature hip hop/pop-rock sound. While he is worthy of comparisons to Dr. Dre or Eminem in songs like “What You Deserve”, he also has strong vocals that evoke a likeness to bands like Linkin Park (“Endless Days”). It is this diversity that shows off his musical and song-writing talents, as well as a well-rounded artistic background.

Even traditional “rock” fans will like this album. With its catchy hooks, fun beats and attention-grabbing lyrics, it’s unexpectedly appealing to most music fans, even against all stubbornness to the contrary. “Dinosaurs On Broadway” is more than just hip hop; it is a dance- and sing-worthy album that fits with almost every taste.

King Dylan’s stage presence is well-known, and as a show of allegiance to his fans he is holding two CD release shows in March: One 18+ (March 9th at Dicken’s Pub) and one ALL AGES (March 10th at The New Black). For a taste of his music, check out his newest video for “Entertainers“, featuring Ricca Razor Sharp, Transit & Jesse-James. He’s also got a ton of other videos on his YouTube page and has a great website. Like him on Facebook, and then get out to one of his release shows this weekend!

Hip hop isn’t so bad after all. All hail the King.

King Dylan - "Dinosaurs On Broadway"