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Throne Of Vengeance Drummer Celebrates With The Release Of New Drum Video

Trevor Cobb is most notably known for his drum presence in Throne Of Vengeance and his work within the Alberta music scene, but lately, he’s been using some of his down time to focus on more of a promotional tool to encourage others to follow their passions.

Trevor Cobb is the drummer of Throne Of Vengeance.
Trevor Cobb is the drummer of Calgary-based Hard Rock/Metal band Throne Of Vengeance. Follow Trevor on Instagram (@AnimalTOV) and Twitter (@TrevorCobbTOV)
Photo by: Paige Woodbury

“I want to make drum videos that inspire people to chase their passion; Do what you love and makes you happy. I have found plenty of inspiration from other drummers both online and personally and this is my way of passing on the spark.”

~Trevor “Animal” Cobb, Drummer

Trevor teamed up with local filmographer, Fedele Arcuri of Rum Punch Media, professional drummer, Mike “Machine” Mallais, and professional lighting designer, Chad Thomson, to create a drum cover video for Machinehead’s song “Imperium”. The release ¬†of the video coincides with Trevor’s birthday: what a way to celebrate!

Check out the video below:

You can catch Trevor live at Throne Of Vengeance’s upcoming Alberta music festival appearances.

No shows booked at the moment.