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Thirty Six (aka Taylor Cochrane Band) – Tour Kicks Off TONIGHT

Taylor Chochrane Tour Kickoff w/ Man Cub and Hunger Hush Past IFAM Thirty Six (aka Taylor Cochrane Band) will be hitting the road this weekend on their much anticipated Western Tour with 9 dates booked taking them to Vancouver Island and back.

The tour kicks off tonight at Broken City with MANcub and Hunger Hush opening the night to wish them off!! For more information on tonight’s show, click on the poster. Here is a little blurb on each band, courtesy of Broken City:

Taylor Cochrane: Every time this man opens his mouth a lyrical tapastry of absurdity, self depreciation and charm spewns forth filling any room he’s in. The cause? A colony of purple spiders who live in his head are constantly at work weaving said tapestry and controling his actions.

MANcub: I’d say a bunch of awesome things about this band but I won’t cause their bandcamp reads like a plot summery of StarWars: A New Hope and that alone should make you want to see them.

Hunger Hush: When was the last time you felt good? Like really good? What ever your answer your wrong cause you weren’t listening to Hunger Hush, the great great step nephew twice removed of all of the worlds best feel good bands.

For more information on the full tour, visit Taylor Cochrane’s website.