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Shows This Weekend (April 26 – 29)

Did you know that cold weather makes fingernails grow faster? In other news, there are a lot of great shows this weekend! Jung People, Open Air, Chakobsa, Dojo Workhorse, Short of Able and more are stopping by, plus the Original Music Showcase wrap-up show featuring the top three bands, Thrill of Falling, Redhead Mack and Raise Your Weapon!


Jung People/Violence/Viridians/The Alaska/Centuri (Western Canada Collective)Jung People are back from their six-week-long journey across the continent and are ready for some fun at Verns (622 – 8th Ave SW)! Joining them are Winnipeg’s Viridians, Van-City’s The Alaska, and Calgary’s own Violence and Centuri! More info: Jung People/Violence/Viridians/The Alaska/Centuri (Western Canada Collective)

One Bad Son, Open Air, DaywalkerCome on down to The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a great night of music, featuring One Bad Son, Open Air and Daywalker! More info: One Bad Son, Open Air, Daywalker


 Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band present the Callisto CD Release PartyCallisto is releasing their long-awaited album tonight at The Stetson (10002 MacLeod Trail SW)! Presented by the Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band, this will be a great night that also includes Oh Shit, Chakobsa, Caught Off Guard and Franky Vallee! More info: Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band present the Callisto CD Release Party

UNTAPPED Alberta with Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St.John, Jessica JalbertUntapped Alberta at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW)! Another great night of Albertan awesomeness, including Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St. John and Jessica Jalbert! More info: UNTAPPED Alberta with Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St. John, Jessica Jalbert


 SELF-SPOKEN COMPETITION (ACCAPELLA)yyc.Check out something a little different Rio Bar & Grill (800 – 6th Ave SW) with the Self-Spoken Competition! This is a 100% ACCAPELLA spoken word competition that also features a live band, DJ dance party, live art/painting auction and crowd prizes! More info: SELF-SPOKEN COMPETITION

Original Music Showcase - Wrap up Party/ShowOriginal Music Showcase wraps up tonight at The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail) with the top three bands all taking the stage! Winners Thrill of Falling, Redhead Mack and Raise Your Weapon will all be playing this free show you don’t want to miss! More info: Original Music Showcase – Wrap-up Party/Show


Ironwood Stage & GrillEdmonton’s Short of Able is in town playing The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE)! We like them. More info: Short of Able at The Ironwood

Chakobsa – “Energy Dispersal”

Most people will argue that music is an experience. Our favourite songs are those that mean something to us, and we can usually argue that listening to our favourite albums involves more than just listening. Energy Dispersal, the second full-length album from Calgary’s Chakobsa, is entirely different than anything else out there right now, and with powerful tracks and an unforgettable sound the album will completely blow you away.

Released in March 2012, Energy Dispersal is one of the coolest albums to come out this year. It doesn’t fit into any particular category or traditional genre, and this might be what makes it such a unique and meaningful experience. It’s a weird combination of sounds: somehow both heavy and mellow, it takes on dark and moody elements while also showing off some singable melodies and quicker bass lines. Chakobsa experiments with different sounds and devices, bringing forward a grungy alt-doom-blues-rock sound that is not quite like anyone else, yet still familiar and mainstream. Think of a strange combination of Tool, Alice in Chains, Muddy Waters, The Doors and Faith No More. This isn’t easy to do, but Chakobsa pulls it off, and does so very well.

There are some obvious song-writing and musical talents on this album. The most obvious talent lies in their ability to harmonize vocally. Take “A Constant With Variable Values”, for example: the vocal harmonies here take an incredible ear and lot of skill, and it really is amazing they’re able to keep this up while maintaining strong instrumental abilities and actual intelligent lyrics. Most of the tracks have similar features: slower tempos, strong harmonies, heavy bass and emphasis on minor key signatures, a combination that leads to an emotional connection and the comparison to bands like Tool (“To The Visage”).

Chakobsa was born in the late ’90s and after some mixing and growing they’re stronger than ever. They have incredible balance and chemistry and are definitely a band to check out. Check out the band’s website and Facebook for more information, preview and buy Energy Dispersal on iTunes or CD Baby, and definitely get out to a live show! And if you’re unsure, the band does give clear instructions on pronouncing their name: “cha-KOB-sa. The ‘O’ is like ‘hole’ – not ‘hot'”. Get used to saying it; Energy Dispersal is the first step in Chakobsa’s rise to the top, and with uniqueness on their side and talent all around them, they’re out to create an unforgettable experience.

Chakobsa - "Energy Dispersal"