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Local Singer Competes For Top Spot In Cowboys Dance Hall Contest

Lindsay Rae [Sinclair] has been singing since her childhood, but it wasn’t until her late teenage years that she felt comfortable with her voice and the power that she is capable of delivering.

“I used to do a lot of karaoke in my hometown of Pincher Creek and it was always a great feeling to be able to sing along to songs that I enjoy and add my own flare to them”

~Lindsay Rae (aka Ms. Vengeance)

Lindsay Rae performing at Cowboys Dance Hall (July 3, 2015)
Lindsay Rae performing at Cowboys Dance Hall (July 3, 2015)

Lindsay is competing as part of Cowboys Dance Hall’s – Cowboys Star Contest and will be performing as part of The Rope ‘Em Rowdy Stampede Parade Day Kick-Off Party.

To vote in person, get your FREE Tickets here, and to vote online, visit the Cowboys Dance Hall website.

Throne Of Vengeance Announce Show Dates & Free Download

On July 14th, Throne Of Vengeance’s publicist, Asher Media, released the following post:

“Calgary, AB’s Throne of Vengeance is proud to announce they will be performing a local show date on July 26th @ The Republik to support fellow scene friends Alkatine and their CD release show.

(show details can be found at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/483137818497129/)

Until the end of July, Throne Of Vengeance are offering a free download of one of the tracks appearing on their latest album,
To download the FREE version of “Terminal Velocity”, click here.

In additional news, till the end of month of July, TOV are giving away a free song (Terminal Velocity), and for every person that downloads the track, their email will be entered for a chance to win a merch pack of the entire Throne of Vengeance discography of Live Evil (2013), Flesh Engine (2011) and Toxic Black Cloud [EP] (2009) plus a rad vinyl sticker.  To enter the merch giveaway and get yourFREE download of Terminal Velocity, please visit the following link: http://throne-of-vengeance.bandcamp.com/track/terminal-velocity

(Note: emails from free download will be submitted into merch give away draw with the winner announced at the end of July 2014)”

~Asher Media Relations (Full Article)

Trinity Bradshaw Releases New Single With Music Video

You can pick up "Never Drinkin' Again" as part of the Open Skies album on iTunes.
You can pick up “Never Drinkin’ Again” as part of the Open Skies album on iTunes.

Trinity Bradshaw is fresh off of the release of her new album “Open Skies”, and is already making waves with the single “Never Drinkin’ Again”. “Open Skies” was released on June 21 with a celebration at Ranchman’s and you can catch Trinity this summer as she makes appearances at several music festivals across Canada including the Calgary Stampede.

Blades of Steel to release “Frontal Full Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks” EP

When Johnathan Stoddart moved to Calgary in 1999, the hip-hop scene was virtually non-existent in the city. In the fifteen years since he first set foot in the city, the scene has grown, and he has been front and centre for the ride. Stoddart made a name for himself as Ricca Razor Sharp, building a reputation as one of Calgary’s “go to” MC’s.

After building a solo career, Ricca has put his concentration solely on a collaboration between friends he has met along the way. Ricca is now part of a five piece crew, Blades of Steel, that continues to make their marks in a scene they helped cultivate.

Flanked by bassist Pastrami, Ricca Razor Sharp sits inside a bar in McKenzie Towne, crediting his band mates with his individual growth as an artist, and the production of a record every single individual in the band is happy with. With the help of the second MC Soleo, Shoez at drums, Roop at keyboards, guitarist Ru, and bassist Pastrami, Blades of Steel have created a 5-track EP that shows a progression of sound, without a regression in a music that has earned them a loyal following of folks who hit the clubs to have the time of their lives.

Their first EP released last year Like A Calf in a Tube Sock, was according to their new bassist, “a little more rock,” while their new release Frontal Full Nelson and the Boxcar Bolsheviks is defined by Pastrami as ,”a big shift towards the funk.” The minor change in genre is not something Blades of Steel fear, what matters is not the maintenance of a signature sound, it is what the songs do for their loyal fans.

“The energy within the band is why we have our fans; I don’t think our fans are here because we maintain a sound,” claimed Pastrami, whose MC agreed with the sentiment by adding, “I don’t think we are sitting down writing some style we don’t want to play just in order to fit in some niche.”

The stage is a different world; you come to this place of tranquility… as soon as you stare in the crowd, nothing else matters.

What carries the strictest of importance within the group is the fun they have on stage. No matter what personal problems they have in their private lives, or how much they drank the night before, once they hit the stage they express love and an energy that seeps into the soul of the crowd. In return, the audience leaves the show knowing they experienced a performance they will never forget. They went to a show and had the type of fun they often take for granted.

“The stage is a different world; you come to this place of tranquility… as soon as you stare in the crowd, nothing else matters,” said a reflective Pastrami a former fan who has had a front row seat in both worlds. He knows what Blades of Steel creates, and how they create it.

The group has created a diverse collection of songs that draws different personalities and tastes into their group. Blades of Steel favourites like H.E.M.P, and Do You In the 80s have become staples of their shows, but with the release of Frontal Full Nelson, fans will be drawn to new tracks that sound like music created by the love child of George Clinton, and Grandmaster Flash. Tracks like the opener So Fast, and the party track The Mexico Song will soon act as signature Blades of Steel tracks.

On May 31st, fans of Blades of Steel will know what to expect, and those expectations will be matched with a bone shaking energy that has created, and maintain a legend within the local hip-hop scene.

Blades of Steel “Frontal Full Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks” EP Release
May 31 @ Local 522 – Show Details

Shows This Weekend (May 30 – Jun 8)

It’s a two-fer! This week’s post is providing you with not one, but TWO weekends of shows! We’ve got Frankie McQueen, Jenavive, HighKicks, Stone Iris, Grandola, Haus of Skrastins and Thrill of Falling, plus a HECK of a lot of awesomeness at Calgary Metalfast!! Strap yourself in and feel the Gs!

Thursday, May 30:

mancubMANcub album release at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW)! Joining them are Double Fuzz and Frankie McQueen, and no stabbing or Kangol hats allowed!
More info: MANcub Album Release! With Double Fuzz and Frankie McQueen

Friday, May 31:

HighKicks album release! With Night Committee and What's Wrong Tohei? (Van)HighKicks album release!! Come down to Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW) for a great night that includes Night Committee and What’s Wrong Tohei? (Van)!
More info: KighKicks Album Release! With Night Committee and What’s Wrong Tohei?

Jenavive Tour Kick Off with Kieran Strange and Ten Cent PistolsCome to the Jenavive tour kick-off show at The New Black (919 – 9th Ave SE)! New shirts, CDs and super-fun stuff to fill your bags, plus the awesome Ten Cent Pistols and Kieran Strange!
More info: Jenavive Tour Kick Off with Kieran Strange and Ten Cent Pistols

Saturday, June 1:

Stone Iris w/ The District Heat & Electric MonkStone Iris with Electric Monk and The District Heat at Studio 37 (1690 – 37th Ave SW)!
More info: Stone Iris w/ The District Heat & Electric Monk

Sunday, June 2:

Pre-Fest Party at Lukes Drug Mart!It’s the Sled Island pre-fest party at Lukes Drug Mart (2206a 4th St. SW)! Check out The Rural Alberta Advantage, Ladyhawk, Viet Cong and Skye Wallace, free, outdoors and from noon to 5!
More info: Pre-fest Party at Lukes Drug Mart!

Ironwood Stage & GrillCam Penner with Danny Vacon at The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SW)!
More info: The Ironwood on Facebook

Wednesday, June 5:

CALGARY METALFESTCalgary Metalfest starts today!! Come down to Dickens Pub (1000 – 9th Ave SW) for the start of four days of madness! Tonight’s show features Stab.Twist.Pull, Exit Strategy, Jason Rouse and Kyoktys!

The Ship and Anchor brings you Grandola with guestsThe Ship & Anchor (534 – 17th Ave SW) presents a whole lotta bands, including Grandola, Bad Habits Die Hard, Craic the Lens and The Pagans of Northumberland!
More info: The Ship & Anchor brings you Grandola with guests

Thursday, June 6:

CALGARY METALFESTDay Two of Calgary Metalfest continues at Dickens Pub (1000 – 9th Ave SW)! Tonight: Junkies Rush, Just Stay Fucking Dead, Press Gang, Black Pestilence, The Promethean Labyrinth, Enemy Us, Hellrazer, Supper Massive Black Holes, Doberman, Hammerdrone, Dead Asylum, Out of the Ruins and Villainizer! WOO!

Calgary Metelfast is ALSO at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW) tonight with plenty of music for the minors (and the majors)! Starting at 3:45 we have Soundskraper, Osyron, Moosifix, Skymir, His Last Words, Leave the Living, Shark Infested Daughters, Frightenstein and Tyrants Demise!


Friday, June 7:

CALGARY METALFESTMETALFEST!!! Tonight is even BIGGER with a long list of bands and shows for you to enjoy! The action starts at 3:45 at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW), and yes, you minors are welcome! Then at 9 you’ll get kicked out for the 18+ show – sorry

At Dickens (1000 – 9th Ave SW) there’s another huge list of bands that start at 9:15!

I’m too lazy to list them all, so check out the bands and the schedule below!


Saturday, June 8:

CALGARY METALFESTAnd METALFEST – Day FOUR! Tonight’s business starts at 3:45 at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW), and the rooftop show starts at 5:50! And hey, minors – you’re welcome, too!

There’s also a whole lotta grown-up music going down at Dickens Pub (1000 – 9th Ave SW)! Show starts at 6 and goes until you’re seeing double!


Doc Kohler ALBUM RELEASE PARTY | The Implicate Order | Thrill Of FallingDoc Kohler album release party at The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail SW)! Another wicked night with The Implicate Order and Thrill of Falling!
More info: Doc Kohler ALBUM RELEASE w/ The Implicate Order and Thrill of Falling

Shows This Weekend (May 23 – 28)

Rain, rain, go away… There’s lots to do in Calga-ray! That rhyme was awful, but this weekend won’t be! We’ve got Jenavive, Open Air, T. Buckley, Septembryo and Daywalker, PLUS a TON of bands at the In Our Blood Indie Music Festival, including Throne of Vengeance, Thrill of Falling, Kingdom of Few and MORE!


Bleeker Ridge with guests Jenavive and The AllensCome down to the Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a great show with Orillia, Ontario’s Bleeker Ridge, Calgary’s Jenavive and The Allens! More info: Bleeker Ridge with guests Jenavive and The Allens

Ironwood Stage & GrillFlying Fox & the Hunter Gatherers and Raleigh are live at The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE)! More info: Ironwood on Facebook


All Hands on Jane, BickerBro's, Open AIRTonight is the fourth and final show for The Road to Indie Week Alberta! Come down to Studio 37 (1690 – 37th St. SW) to find out who the last band chosen from Calgary will be. Will it be All Hands on Jane, BickerBro’s or Open AIR? And check out guest headliner Kingdom of Few! More info: The Road to Indie Week Alberta: Calgary – May 24

IN OUR BLOOD MUSIC FEST AND SOFT BALL TOURNAMENTEveryone’s favourite time of year: The In Our Blood Indie Music Festival!!! (!) Friday through Sunday, join the softball tournament, frolic in the beer gardens and enjoy some kickass music, including (but definitely not limited to): Throne of Vengeance, Kingdom of Few, A War Within, Thrill of Falling, Raise Your Weapon, Puttin’ on the Foil and more! More info: In Our Blood Music Fest and Softball Tournament



Ironwood Stage & GrillThe fantastic T. Buckley is at the Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE) with his band! More info: Ironwod on Facebook THRILL OF FALLING, SEPTEMBRYO & JENAVIVE LIVE AT STUDIO 37

Join Thrill of Falling, Septembryo and Jenavive at Studio 37 (1690 – 37th St. SW) for an evening of pure delight. More info: Thrill of Falling, Septembryo & Jenavive Live at Studio 37


BROKEN CITY TURNS 9! Featuring Barn Burner, Falcon, Daywalker and Outlaws of RavenhurstGet rowdy at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW) as they turn nine! Great night featuring Barn Burner, Falcon, Daywalker and Outlaws of Ravenhurst! More info: Broken City Turns 9!