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Shows This Weekend (May 23 – 28)

Rain, rain, go away… There’s lots to do in Calga-ray! That rhyme was awful, but this weekend won’t be! We’ve got Jenavive, Open Air, T. Buckley, Septembryo and Daywalker, PLUS a TON of bands at the In Our Blood Indie Music Festival, including Throne of Vengeance, Thrill of Falling, Kingdom of Few and MORE!


Bleeker Ridge with guests Jenavive and The AllensCome down to the Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a great show with Orillia, Ontario’s Bleeker Ridge, Calgary’s Jenavive and The Allens! More info: Bleeker Ridge with guests Jenavive and The Allens

Ironwood Stage & GrillFlying Fox & the Hunter Gatherers and Raleigh are live at The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE)! More info: Ironwood on Facebook


All Hands on Jane, BickerBro's, Open AIRTonight is the fourth and final show for The Road to Indie Week Alberta! Come down to Studio 37 (1690 – 37th St. SW) to find out who the last band chosen from Calgary will be. Will it be All Hands on Jane, BickerBro’s or Open AIR? And check out guest headliner Kingdom of Few! More info: The Road to Indie Week Alberta: Calgary – May 24

IN OUR BLOOD MUSIC FEST AND SOFT BALL TOURNAMENTEveryone’s favourite time of year: The In Our Blood Indie Music Festival!!! (!) Friday through Sunday, join the softball tournament, frolic in the beer gardens and enjoy some kickass music, including (but definitely not limited to): Throne of Vengeance, Kingdom of Few, A War Within, Thrill of Falling, Raise Your Weapon, Puttin’ on the Foil and more! More info: In Our Blood Music Fest and Softball Tournament



Ironwood Stage & GrillThe fantastic T. Buckley is at the Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE) with his band! More info: Ironwod on Facebook THRILL OF FALLING, SEPTEMBRYO & JENAVIVE LIVE AT STUDIO 37

Join Thrill of Falling, Septembryo and Jenavive at Studio 37 (1690 – 37th St. SW) for an evening of pure delight. More info: Thrill of Falling, Septembryo & Jenavive Live at Studio 37


BROKEN CITY TURNS 9! Featuring Barn Burner, Falcon, Daywalker and Outlaws of RavenhurstGet rowdy at Broken City (613 – 11th Ave SW) as they turn nine! Great night featuring Barn Burner, Falcon, Daywalker and Outlaws of Ravenhurst! More info: Broken City Turns 9!

Shows This Weekend (April 26 – 29)

Did you know that cold weather makes fingernails grow faster? In other news, there are a lot of great shows this weekend! Jung People, Open Air, Chakobsa, Dojo Workhorse, Short of Able and more are stopping by, plus the Original Music Showcase wrap-up show featuring the top three bands, Thrill of Falling, Redhead Mack and Raise Your Weapon!


Jung People/Violence/Viridians/The Alaska/Centuri (Western Canada Collective)Jung People are back from their six-week-long journey across the continent and are ready for some fun at Verns (622 – 8th Ave SW)! Joining them are Winnipeg’s Viridians, Van-City’s The Alaska, and Calgary’s own Violence and Centuri! More info: Jung People/Violence/Viridians/The Alaska/Centuri (Western Canada Collective)

One Bad Son, Open Air, DaywalkerCome on down to The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW) for a great night of music, featuring One Bad Son, Open Air and Daywalker! More info: One Bad Son, Open Air, Daywalker


 Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band present the Callisto CD Release PartyCallisto is releasing their long-awaited album tonight at The Stetson (10002 MacLeod Trail SW)! Presented by the Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band, this will be a great night that also includes Oh Shit, Chakobsa, Caught Off Guard and Franky Vallee! More info: Calgary Beer Core and The Keith Morrison Band present the Callisto CD Release Party

UNTAPPED Alberta with Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St.John, Jessica JalbertUntapped Alberta at The Palomino (109 – 7th Ave SW)! Another great night of Albertan awesomeness, including Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St. John and Jessica Jalbert! More info: UNTAPPED Alberta with Dojo Workhorse, Clinton St. John, Jessica Jalbert


 SELF-SPOKEN COMPETITION (ACCAPELLA)yyc.Check out something a little different Rio Bar & Grill (800 – 6th Ave SW) with the Self-Spoken Competition! This is a 100% ACCAPELLA spoken word competition that also features a live band, DJ dance party, live art/painting auction and crowd prizes! More info: SELF-SPOKEN COMPETITION

Original Music Showcase - Wrap up Party/ShowOriginal Music Showcase wraps up tonight at The Blind Beggar (5211 MacLeod Trail) with the top three bands all taking the stage! Winners Thrill of Falling, Redhead Mack and Raise Your Weapon will all be playing this free show you don’t want to miss! More info: Original Music Showcase – Wrap-up Party/Show


Ironwood Stage & GrillEdmonton’s Short of Able is in town playing The Ironwood (1229 – 9th Ave SE)! We like them. More info: Short of Able at The Ironwood

Open Air – Extended Play

During the 1:06 instrumental introduction of Open Air’s newly released EP, I swear that I had a flashback to 1977. Suddenly I was 15 again, (long-hair, bad attitude and all), hanging at a friend’s house, doing bong hits and listening to tunes.

“Pulling from their musical influences, which include Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jet and The Answer, Open Air brings back everything that was wonderful about 1970’s Brit Rock, but with an updated, modern taste.” So states the band’s website and clearly they have achieved their goal if my opening statement is anything to go by.

One of the interesting things about getting older is that one sees things go round and come back again, often repeating in cycles over a span of decades. Open Air is treading ground that has been trod before – in some cases with excellent results. When I first cranked Open Air through the Behringers the band that came to mind was Black Crowes, a band who had success in the early nineties – the singles from “Shake Your Money Maker” are staples on classic rock radio today.

Open Air’s newly released EP brings that same energy back with superb production that rocks hard with plenty of sparkle and enough bottom end to kick you squarely in your tender parts. After setting the tone with the introduction the band kicks it into gear with “Snake Charmer” the tune that brought to mind the Black Crowes reference. From this point it is clear that the riff is the thing which is hardly surprising considering the band’s list of influences.

The EPs next track, “New Design” rocks hard, bordering on metal, and is sure to get your head banging. The tune features some of the hottest wah-tinged lead work you’ll hear anywhere in any era. The frenetic pacing of this track really sets up a dramatic and effective mood swing as the EP moved to its next track, “Preacher Man”, a slower paced epic tribute to mid-70’s guitar greatness. The final track is the EPs lead single, “Golden Times”, a frolic in more hard-rocking, groove-riffing goodness.

If there is a seminary of 70’s hard rock then Open Air graduates with an M.Div. – they are masters of divination of all that made hard rock and the birth of metal in the 70’s great. Superb melody, songwriting, fretwork and production make this a release well worth your time and energy. 5/5.

Open Air - Extended Play

It is with great pleasure that Open Air and Indie403 present the official track listing for the Extended Play EP.

  1. Introduction
  2. Snake Charmer
  3. New Design
  4. Preacher Man
  5. Golden Times

Check out Open Air as Indie403‘s Artist Of The Month for April and for additional information on their CD Release Show.