Robot Workers - Robot Workers

Robot Workers – “Robot Workers”

Robots are created to make life easier. They do tough jobs, build fancy things and are efficient and complicated machines, all programmed and built by their ingenious creators. With their debut self-titled album, Calgary’s Robot Workers show they were programmed with the ability to make sweet music and do so with the natural and effortless skills robots are known for.

The album kicks off with the bouncy “Sinister”, immediately creating a really groovy, almost reggae feel with emphasis on the upbeats and a completely catchy melody. This is a track to get stuck in your head and dance to later — and actually, this can be said about the whole album. There isn’t a song on here that won’t make you move, whether you dance like a Rastafarian or go nuts like a ’90s headbanger. This is one of the best features of the album, the ability to create universal dance appeal without sacrificing good music.

A cool thing about this album is the number of long instrumentals, like those in “Cowboy Breakdown” and “Madness of the Dream”, which sometimes sound like natural jam sessions and is actually a bit hard to do. It takes a lot of talent, chemistry and technical knowledge to be able to do this, especially in the fun-sounding way Robot Workers does. They feel authentic, raw and a bit more organic than their cold robot exteriors might have us believe.

Throughout the album Robot Workers puts out great repeating riffs (like in “Cowboy Breakdown” and “King of Aces”), upbeat percussion and cool, sometimes wailing vocals. They’ve got a mix of reggae, country, rock and funk, creating a ton of different sounds and a nice variety of tracks to listen to. You might think of Queens of the Stone Age, Cake, Everlast, Radiohead, and something else you can’t quite figure out; they create their own sound, and we really can’t wait to hear what they’ll come out with next.

Robot workers are a stellar up-and-coming Calgary band and this is an album you have to check out. The official release party is December 21 at Lord Nelson’s in Calgary, so check them out and make sure you grab a copy. Check them out online and on Facebook, and thank their creators for the great music these robots have been programmed to make.

Robot Workers - Robot Workers