Blades of Steel (Photo Credit: Sean Dennie, Photoganda)Blades of Steel to release Frontal Full Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks EP
The stage is a different world; you come to this place of tranquility… as soon as you stare in the crowd, nothing else matters.
Open Air - Extended PlayOpen Air - Extended Play
Open Air - Calgary, AB, are set to release "Extended Play". Open Air & Indie403 present the official track listing of the album and a peek at the artwork.
Fumigation - Integrated Pest ManagementFumigation - Integrated Pest Management
Fumigation's first full-length album "Integrated Pest Management" kicked Ross' ass. Read Indie403's review of the album to find out why!
Little Birdie - Little Birdie – Show Review (Feb 18, 2013)
Live show review of the memorable folk musician, Little Birdie at the Ironwood Monday February 18th. Check it out at!
The Electric Revival - Presenting: The Electric RevivalThe Electric Revival - Presenting: The Electric Revival
The Electric Revival's new album "Presenting: The Electric Revival" brings rebirth and revival - but of what? Read Indie403's review of the album!
Flowshine - Mountain QueenFlowshine - Mountain Queen
Flowshine's new album "Mountain Queen" gives off a great first impression. To hear why, read Indie403's review of the album!
Jennah Barry - Young MenJennah Barry - Young Men
Some lovely small town, folk music all the way from from Nova Scotia! Check out Indie403's review of Jennah Barry's "Young Men".
Kyley Styles - "One Short of a Six Pack"Kyley Styles - One Short of a Six Pack
Kyley Styles is a one-man band of epic proportions and his debut album "One Short of a Six Pack" is brilliant. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Robot Workers - Robot WorkersRobot Workers - Robot Workers
Calgary's Robot Workers show they were programmed with the ability to make sweet and effortless music in their debut album. Read Indie403's review!
I Am Machi - "Mammal Pants"I Am Machi - Mammal Pants
Edmonton-based duo I Am Machi is something really special and their debut EP "Mammal Pants" is fantastic. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Xprime - "Here We Are"Xprime - Here We Are
Niagara-based band Xprime represents everything that's good about Canada and their newest EP "Here We Are" shows why. Read Indie403's review of the album!
The Human Orchestra - "Lip Service"The Human Orchestra - Lip Service
The Human Orchestra is one of Hamilton's most-loved new bands and their new album "Lip Service" shows why. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Thrill of Falling - "Thrill of Falling"Thrill of Falling - Thrill of Falling
When it comes right down to it, this is exactly what Thrill of Falling does. They rock. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Short of Able - "The Last One's Gone"Short of Able - The Last One’s Gone
Short of Able's new album "The Last One's Gone" is one of the highlights of 2012. Read Indie403's review of the album!
EyesWide - "A Little More A Little Less"EyesWide - A Little More A Little Less
EyesWide's 2012 EP "A Little More A Little Less" is a well-crafted and approachable teaser. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Michael J Copley - "What's In Your Head"Michael J Copley - What’s In Your Head
From his catchy but thoughtful melodies to the poetic lyrics of each of his songs, read Indie403's review on Michael J Copley's "What's in Your Head?"
Of Gentlemen and Cowards - "Warminster"Of Gentlemen and Cowards - Warminster
Of Gentlemen and Cowards has huge things happening and their new 7" single "Warminster" is a great taste. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Taylor Cochrane - "Cleaning Up"Taylor Cochrane - Cleaning Up
Taylor Cochrane is known as one of Calgary's most talented songwriters. Read Indie403's review of his new album, "Cleaning Up"!
The Marquee - "White Room"The Marquee - White Room
The Marquee's first full-length album, "White Room", is a happy collection of catchy, positive, and danceable beats. Read Indie403's review of the album!
The Bends - "Through Looking-Glass Houses"The Bends - Through Looking-Glass Houses
The Bends are known as one of Southern Ontario's most talented bands, and their new album shows why. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Bloated Pig - "Made For Hell"Bloated Pig - Made For Hell
Bloated Pig's new album, Made For Hell, is dirtier than a German scat video. Ross rates it 5/5. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Elk - "Daydreams"Elk - Daydreams
Elk's newest album "Daydreams" is a catchy reminder of 60s surfer rock. This is a band you need to hear, and a retro sound you need to revisit. Read Indie403's review!
Deluge - "The Nether"Deluge - The Nether
Deluge is a four-piece alt-indie band from Calgary with great stories and songwriting. Read Indie403's review of their album, The Nether!
Wind Up Radio Sessions - "Bird Eyes"Wind Up Radio Sessions - Bird Eyes
"Bird Eyes", the latest release from Montreal's Wind Up Radio Sessions is full of nostalgia and comfort. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Olivier Jarda - "Good Luck Cartel"Olivier Jarda - Good Luck Cartel
Olivier Jarda's latest release, "Good Luck Cartel", is one of the most beautiful albums this year. Read Indie403's review of the album!
The Stone Pines - "Landmark"The Stone Pines - Landmark
The Stone Pines are a Vancouver-based band with a knack for 'The Feel'. Read Indie403's review of their album, Landmark!
Makeshift Innocence - "Yours To Keep"Makeshift Innocence - Yours To Keep
"Yours To Keep" by Calgary's Makeshift Innocence is a rare gem. There is not a melody, groove or note out of place in the entire work. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Rend - "No Lines"Rend - No Lines
Rend is one of the best bands to come out of Canada in the past decade and their album "No Lines" is incredible. Read Indie403's review of the album!
FaceTheHate - "I See Red"FaceTheHate - I See Red
I See Red, the debut album from North Bay, Ontario's FaceTheHate is a solid thrasher that satisfies. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Future Craft - "Future Craft"Future Craft - Future Craft
They’re even better on stage... For an energetic and catchy album, check out Future Craft's fantastic self-titled EP. Read Indie403's review of the album!
North Lakes - "Grand Prix"North Lakes - Grand Prix
North Lakes is a fantastic PEI rock 'n' roll band and their album "Grand Prix" is one of the year's best. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Apollo Ghosts - "Landmark"Apollo Ghosts - Landmark
Apollo Ghosts make sure you have a great time along the way, leaving their delicious garage pop melodies stuck in your head; which is a good thing. Read Indie403's Review!
Chakobsa - "Energy Dispersal"Chakobsa - Energy Dispersal
Chakobsa's second full-length album, "Energy Dispersal", is a completely unique alt-doom-blues release. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Fur Eel - "Perhaps Another Time"Fur Eel - Perhaps Another Time
Fur Eel, Saskatchewan's reigning funk-rock band, is back with their newest album Perhaps Another Time. Read Indie403's review of the album!
Big City Supreme - SamplerBig City Supreme - Sampler
Big City Supreme, a 4-piece band out of Edmonton, is a great example of summertime rock. Read Indie403's review on their three-song sampler.
Cousins - "A Palm At The End Of The Mind"Cousins - A Palm At The End Of The Mind
Cousins achieves the epitome of lo-fi production... making for one of the better indie pop garage rock albums yet this year.
Marija and ShadowsTalk - "Nothing Is So Then What"Marija and ShadowsTalk - Nothing Is So Then What
Marija & ShadowsTalk are well-known for the energy they bring to the stage,... there is no end to the reputation they've achieved for their performances.
Dale Murray - "Dream Mountain Dream"Dale Murray - Dream Mountain Dream
Released in March 2012, Dream Mountain Dream is Murray's second album and something to be loved. Read Indie403's review!
B.A. Johnston - "Hi Dudes!"B.A. Johnston - Hi Dudes!
Singing about video games, the Goonies, the joys of corporal punishment, and the intricate qualities of douchebags, Johnston throws out one funny quip after another.
Mammoth Grove - "Mammoth Grove"Mammoth Grove - Mammoth Grove
Aficionados, lament no more. This is an incredibly smooth, incredibly satisfying (although short) collection of songs that leave you begging for more.
Obduracy - "Sunday's Autopsy"Obduracy - Sunday’s Autopsy
Beneath the heavy "noise" is a multi-layered and surprisingly sophisticated collection of melodies, powerful rhythms, and roaring passion...
The Lost Lovers Brigade - "Little Skeletons"The Lost Lovers Brigade - Little Skeletons
It has a real "hippie" vibe, a sort of dreamy, acid-washed mix of folk and indie rock that brings up images of flowy guitar sing-alongs by the ocean.
Black Phoenix Orchestra - "Black Phoenix Orchestra"Black Phoenix Orchestra - Black Phoenix Orchestra
It's always easy to expect to like an album after a few listens, but this album does something amazing by blowing you away the first time you listen to it.
King Dylan - "Dinosaurs On Broadway"King Dylan - Dinosaurs On Broadway
"Dinosaurs On Broadway" is more than just hip hop; it is a dance- and sing-worthy album that fits with almost every taste.
The Just Barelys - "Mad Bits"The Just Barelys - Mad Bits
There are computerized beeps, some girly screaming, and rhythms to make you want to dance the robot... it's a great album from a weird and awesome band.
Acidjac - "Timeless Traveller"Acidjac - Timeless Traveller
Singer Liz Stevens has a voice that soars and in tracks... we hear an incredible blend of vocals, guitars and percussion that just seem made for each other.
Long Weekends - "Don't Reach Out"Long Weekends - Don’t Reach Out
"Long Weekends takes the sound of the past and is bringing it to the future." Read Indie403's review!
Sunshine Radio - "Sunlight EP"Sunshine Radio - Sunlight EP
An explosion of alt-pop with some retro flair, Sunlight is a collection of songs that restore faith in happiness. Read Indie403's review!
Fur Eel - "Elephant Summer"Fur Eel - Elephant Summer
It's a mix of sounds with fantastic chemistry, really smooth melodies and a bouncy rhythm that moves everything along.
Crash The Occasion - "Crash The Occasion"Crash The Occasion - Crash The Occasion
This is an impressive and incredibly admirable attempt at creating something wholly special and different, truly unlike most of what's already out there.
Open Air - "All My Queens"Open Air - All My Queens
You will die to hear this band play on stage and judging from the energy on the album, they must put on one hell of a show.
Marine Dreams - "Marine Dreams"Marine Dreams - Marine Dreams
The ten-track album is an echoey, reverb-filled [...] adventure through the looking glass, a look back at some traditional elements of rock with a modern twist.
Fur EelFur Eel - Raising The Funk Level In Western Canada
"Fur Eel is not just about performance and entertainment...they are musical magicians. They own their instruments as well as the stage".
Alkatine Is Here To Stay
Today I Caught The Plague
History, Mythology, Astrology & LORE
Septembryo - "Dreambuilder"Septembryo
Septembryo – “The Dreambuilder”
Writers' Strike - "Stay Down"Writers' Strike
Writers’ Strike – “Stay Down”
Today I Caught The Plague - "Lore"Today I Caught The Plague
Today I Caught The Plague – “Lore”
Brock Zeman - "Me Then You"Brock Zeman
Brock Zeman – “Me Then You”
Chris Naish - "Light A Cigarette"Chris Naish
Chris Naish – “Light A Cigarette”
Diemonds - "The Bad Pack"Diemonds
Diemonds – “The Bad Pack”
Rain Over St. Ambrose - "Overton Window"Rain Over St. Ambrose
Rain Over St. Ambrose – “Overton Window”
Shotgun Jimmie - "Transistor Sister"Shotgun Jimmie
Shotgun Jimmie – “Transistor Sister”
Jenavive - "underthesheets"Jenavive
Jenavive – “underthesheets”
Josef Pollock - "Fears"Josef Pollock
Josef Pollock – “Fears”
Throne of Vengeance at Lord Nelson
Show Review (June 24, 2011)
Kaptur - "Thousands"Kaptur
Kaptur – “Thousands”
Million Dollar Fix @ Tipperary's
Show Review (May 16, 2011)
Taylor Cochrane - "Acoustic"Taylor Cochrane
Taylor Cochrane – “Acoustic”

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