Jennah Barry - Young Men

Jennah Barry – “Young Men”

Nova Scotia’s Jennah Barry has released her newest album Young Men, which will attract listeners with a minimal yet complex approach. Barry, the daughter of a choir director, has surpassed her father and transformed herself into a successful singer, songwriter, and talented musician. Her move from small town Clearland (Nova Scotia) to Toronto in the pursuits to study jazz music motivated growth in her music, resulting in longing, homesickness, heartbreak, and vulnerability.

The cover art as you can see is an elaborate drawing of her submerged in a dreamy, cerulean sea, reflecting the mood of the album quite well. She builds up wonder, blueness, and the submersion of many emotions for you to glide through. With humble beginnings, the soft acoustic melodies undergo a transformation through her rich, smooth vocals, which provoke a journey of many sensations. Her work can be seen as simplistic yet full. With prominently acoustic ballads, her slow melodic build ups create an atmosphere of winter but her sound will soar over the dark and bare parts in triumph.

Barry’s lyrics hold an interesting combination of not only having the warmth and comforting swirling tone of her voice, but lyrically Barry also confronts many deeper human issues. This stark contrast predominantly is found in many of her songs including “The Coast”, “Black Hole”, and of course “Young Men”. These songs delve into a variety of states such as nostalgia and reflection, sensations of loss and nothingness. The powerful imagery of ice and snow used in the song “Young Men” acts as a social commentary on the destructive nature of adolescent men, and how it creates feelings of helplessness. Jennah Barry’s Young Men will take you through a journey of home, contemplation, and ease, all in one. Although the album is an untainted and fresh perspective, she as a younger artist shows that she will only escalate and improve from here on. It will draw you in and take you back to a place you thought you forgot; an album definitely worth a copious amount of listening to.

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Jennah Barry - Young Men