History, Mythology, Astrology & LORE

Today I Caught The Plague

6-Piece Progressive Metal | Ottawa, Ontario


  • 2 CDs released since 2008 (EP) & Full length 2011
  • 7 independently booked tours (including 2 across Canada)
  • Protest The Hero (Direct Support Tour)
  • NXNE Music Festival, Scene Music Festival

Today I Caught The Plague

When a word like “plague” is included in a band name, a perception is immediately created and the band is almost always placed in the death metal category. Such is not the case for Today I Caught The Plague, a 6-piece progressive metal band from Ottawa, Ontario. Taking inspiration from various historical events, mythology, and even astrological constellations, the lyrical content of TICTP’s songs is equally matched with beautiful vocal melodies with occasional screams that send chills down your spine. A direction many metal bands aspire to move in, with only a few achieving it. Moving on from the band’s front man, two guitarists blister solos while the rhythm section rocks with a bass guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer. Regardless of what instrument a band member plays, their presence is made known by being seen and heard as they thrash on stage, while cans of light flash from behind them.

Having toured multiple times throughout Ontario and to Eastern Canada, Today I Caught The Plague have only been to Western Canada twice. As a lead up to their Western Canadian leg of their Lore Tour, the band joined Protest The Hero for their Ontario swing as the direct support band.

“We’ve gotten a lot more interest since the release of the full length album but because we have a history of touring so much, it shows people that we are a serious working band.”
~Today I Caught The Plague

Indie403 caught the plague on their way through Calgary prior to their October 6th show at The New Black Centre For Arts.

Steve Rennie: “We’ve done the West Coast once before, but it’s just harder for us to get to. We’ve done the East Coast and Southern Ontario a bunch of times. It’s hard to get out of Ontario because there’s not a lot of places to play, and it’s a lot of long drives.”

For a band returning to the Canadian West Coast for only the second time, lead singer Dave Journeaux stresses the importance of travelling from coast to coast. “We want to hit every town that we can. We’d go up north if it was feasible. We like Western Canada and there are people out here who want to see us, so we work really hard to make it out here.”

As a touring band, it’s not always easy to ensure that promotion is happening before a show. TICTP hire promoters but they don’t always do the greatest job. Constantly following up with a promoter and the event pages on Facebook are two simple ways they use in order to stay in the loop while on the road.

Dave: “We want to hit every town that we can. We design the posters and send them off to promoters, but it’s not always well received. We do as much as we can from where we are. We can rely on a promoter to do their part, but we are always going to promote our shows and our product. It’s always nice to see promoters do a great job because it means that we will go back to them again and we will send other bands to them.

“We do work with some great promoters who post up posters at the venue and in the surrounding area, who push the Facebook event page and the band page, and ones who reach out to anyone that can help promote the show, and repost the event leading up to the show.”

Today I Caught The Plague

Steve: “When we go to a music store, we always look at the posters and even bring in a poster to put up, and we leave stickers and ad cards at the front cash.

“We find out where locals are going and we leave our stuff at those places in order to promote for the show.”

Dave: “Promoters today are doing extra promotional contests for the shows. They’ll have extra incentives for people if they invite a certain amount of people to the event or if the event page reaches a certain number they will give them a discount on ticket prices or a discount on tickets for another show to support the music scene in their area.

“The scene has been a little dead in the last little while but it seems to be revitalizing. Our last East Coast Tour was really scarce. We went out there and we were literally out there for 5 days and 3 of those days were shows. Other East Coast tours we would go for at least 2-3 weeks and we’d have like a day or two off. It’s been a lull in the scene, but we’ve heard that this happens pretty much every 3 years. From this tour, we’ve seen a stronger response in the West than we did in the East, which is the flip from what we experienced the last time we were out here.”

Today I Caught The Plague

With the music industry in its current state and more and more bands taking a do-it-yourself approach to self manage and operate for themselves, TICTP is one of the hardest and constant working bands that Canada has seen to date. Everything from the band website, show bookings, vehicle maintenance, graphic design, and video production, on top of the actual rehearsing, writing, and other daily band related items are all taken care of by the band members. Did we mention that they all have their own full time job as well?

Having just returned home from their Lore Tour, be sure to check out their website to keep up to date on the latest news and shows and visit their online store to purchase their music and very attractive clothing.