Featured Artist - Throne of Vengeance

Featured Artist – Throne of Vengeance

Indie403 is pleased to present Throne of Vengeance as our Featured Artist of the Month!


Throne of Vengeance prides itself on true musicianship and sees it as a lifestyle as well as an art. Taking influences from all different types of musical genres and musicians, ToV produces a natural heavy rock n’ roll groove in their music with precision, performance, and production at the focal point of their live show. Their “do-it-yourself” mentality has really allowed them expand their horizons. With the 2011 release of “Flesh Engine”¬†produced by AOR Legend Paul Sabu, ToV takes everything that has brought them to this point on the road. Beginning on June 23, their “Flesh Injection Tour” takes them to festivals and venues across Canada, spreading and solidifying Throne of Vengeance into the minds and hearts of music lovers.

The Band, Influences & Style

Throne of Vengeance formed back in 2009 with a distinct sound in mind. Lead vocalist/ guitarist Tommy “Shakes” Holt and Trevor “Animal” Cobb, who had formerly played together in the band Piston, joined forces again before teaming up with bassist Justin Jessett and lead guitarist, Shaddy Elsaghir. This line-up brought together a fusion of rock and heavy metal to create a unique sound, and the band soon travelled to Toronto to record their debut EP, “Toxic Black Cloud”. Released to a huge crowd at Calgary’s The Distillery in September 2009, “Toxic Black Cloud” made a name for Throne of Vengeance and solidified their place in the rock scene.

Now after a few personnel changes with “Red” Riley Cobb manning the bass and Brad Weidlich (also from Piston) wailing on guitar, they continue to grow and develop. Descriptions of ToV are impressive: “…the melodies and riffs are easy to dance to yet manage to maintain the grab-you-by-the-balls attitude synonymous with rock and metal” (Hayley Muir, Beatroute, September 2009). In other words, while their love for metal is evident, they combine guitar riffs and vocals that are closer to rock n’ roll –¬†a modern day comparison of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Dio, all fused together as one.

“Flesh Engine”

In the summer of 2010 while looking to record a full-length album, Throne of Vengeance was approached by AOR Legend Paul Sabu (known for his work with David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Prince, among others). After flying him in from California, they went to work and the band never looked back: “As soon as he came into the room, our energy connected. The chemistry between all of us was fucking amazing” (Sebastian Buzzalino, Beatroute, June 2011). Working alongside Nate and Bob at Slaughterhouse Studios, Sabu used that energy to push the band’s boundaries, refining their skills and forcing them to think more globally in their music.

As the band matures, their music now has a political, more relevant focus. The new album “Flesh Engine” is a story which encompasses the devastating events and issues that have affected the world in recent years. Shakes describes it best: “As this world gets deeper and deeper into itself and more money is being made by the people that try to rule it, we are writing songs like Flesh Engine, Undertow, Frontlines, and Utter Chaos, in an attempt to balance the order of the world and hopefully get a positive message through to those with negative thoughts towards others across the globe.” (ToV – About) And upon completing the recording process, they were able to put those global messages to good use by getting Peter In De Betou to master the tracks in Sweden and Kai Brockshmidt to design the artwork in Germany.

In December 2010, ToV released a music video for the title track “Flesh Engine” to huge fan fare, receiving over 2000 views in the first week, and when the album was released in February 2011, the response was even greater. With their friends Crystal Mess and The Order of Chaos opening the night, they crammed The Distillery with over 400 “metalheads” in attendance.

“Flesh Injection Tour 2011”

However, the CD release was just the beginning. Remembering Sabu’s advice, Weidlich explains: “When we started writing Flesh Engine we knew that we wanted it to be something bigger, and not just another local band putting out a CD with little follow up or support” (Indie403, June 2011). So, from June 23 to August 5, Throne of Vengeance is touring across the country in support of their latest album in their aptly titled “Flesh Injection Tour 2011”. They are mixing appearances in festivals, both small and large venues, as well as live radio session, and will be visiting new cities to really reach out and expand their fan base across the country. They will also be keeping a travel blog and plan to make a video capturing footage from “behind the scenes” on the road. Lots going on for these guys this summer and we wish well on the cross-country adventure! For more details on the tour, read the article Throne Of Vengeance 2011 Summer Tour.


From their charismatic performances to their love of writing music and supporting other musicians, Throne of Vengeance is the next fresh sound in Canadian heavy metal. This is why Indie403 is featuring Throne of Vengeance as this month’s Featured Artist of the Month. Listen to “Flesh Engine” and check out one (or more) of their many upcoming shows.

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