Featured Artist - Taylor Cochrane

Featured Artist – Taylor Cochrane

Indie403 is pleased to present Taylor Cochrane as our Featured Artist of the Month!


Born and raised into an artistic family in Calgary, Taylor Cochrane has been playing music as long as he’s been able to walk. Music has always played a major role in his life. While dealing with severe anxiety issues throughout high school, he found his voice through music and developed an obscure style of writing lyrics while his eccentric personality began to shine.

The Kronic Groove Band

In 2008, Taylor joined the funk/dance/R&B group, The Kronic Groove Band, as their lead vocalist and to provide auxiliary percussion support. With the KGB, he helped spread the funk throughout the city, performing in many of Calgary’s most well-known music venues as well as toured across Western Canada in their highly successful “Western Blast-Off Tour”. During this time, he also developed his quirky stage presence and crowd working abilities, becoming well-known to performing acrobatic exercises in the middle of a song and walking throughout the audience and inviting complete strangers to sing along in his loud speaker!

Influences and Style

Now on his own, Taylor takes his music to a whole new level. Drawing on the inspirations of Elliott Smith, Say Anything, Regina Spektor, and The Beatles, he comments on intense subject manner from everyday life and presents it in a subtle poetic style, adding his own brand of lyrics and energy to create a unique fusion of folk rock, reggae, ska and pop. His music is at times tongue-in-creek, at times with numerous double entendre, but always entertaining.


From start to finish, Cochrane’s debut and highly anticipated album “Acoustic” is an incredible collection of original songs that showcase the artist’s impressive talent as a songwriter. The album represents years of struggle and accomplishment for the talented Cochrane. A self-described “attention whore”, Cochrane displays his skill and passion that most artists can only dream to achieve. Starting with the catchy “Narcissism and Yellow Fever” and ending with a bang with “This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You”, the album gets better with each listen.

From the dreamy “It Feels Like We’re On A Safari”, which evokes images of beach parties and summer picnics, to the slower and honest self-reflective piece “Hypocrite”, Cochrane is a storyteller and a salesman. He’s not simply singing lyrics. His stories are believable and heartfelt, and his emotions come through clearly with each rhyme or folky phrase. At times bizarre and somewhat shocking, Cochrane’s lyrics are nothing less than honest, revealing a surprisingly deep and thoughtful writer. The listener is pulled in with catchy melodies and beats, but the lyrics themselves have so many double entendres and tricks that each listen reveals something that had previously gone unnoticed.


It is refreshing to find a songwriter who doesn’t take himself so seriously and who is not just “dumping his depression on the world”. Cochrane reminds us of the ups and downs of being young, the struggles of life and relationships, and the day-to-day joy of being a gangster thug. We may not all feel the same way or understand what is happening, but we can appreciate Cochrane’s quirkiness, his humour, and his incredible talent as a songwriter who still has so much left to share. The album truly is an incredible achievement of which Cochrane should be extremely proud of.

This is why Indie403 is featuring Taylor Cochrane as this month’s Featured Artist of the Month. Listen to “Acoustic” and expect to love every track. You won’t be disappointed.

Update: For a taste of Taylor, watch “Chelsea“:

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Taylor Cochrane’s “Acoustic” is set to be released July 30, 2011.


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