Featured Artist - Shotgun Dolls

Featured Artist – Shotgun Dolls

Indie403 is thrilled to present Shotgun Dolls as our Featured Artist of the Month for July!


It takes a lot of hard work to be a successful band. It helps to be talented, have a great name, and be really good-looking, but the best bands aren’t afraid to work hard. You can tell when a band is the real thing, and anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Calgary’s Shotgun Dolls can see they’ve got it all. Constantly touring, writing, and fighting their way to the top, Shotgun Dolls show what they’re made of and why they deserve to be Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

The Band, Influences, and Attitude

Combine young, fun, and energetic and you’ve got Shotgun Dolls, and adding big grins and a lot of energy to their focus and maturity, the band brings something special to the table. In only two short years they’ve already managed to release a full-length album and sail across the country, with even more planned for 2012.

Shotgun Dolls formed officially in 2009 when high school friends Turner Midzain (lead vocals/guitar), Mike Badmington (bass/vocals) and then-drummer Jeff Orman came together with a mutual love for music to form the young band. The following year and 2011 were a whirlwind of adventure: playing shows across Calgary and Southern Alberta, the band quickly created a loyal fan base that paved the way to the their first full-length album, Where the Wind Blows, which was accompanied by a six-week cross-Canada tour. This was the start of something big. Songwriting never stopped and by February 2012 they were already back at Taylor Sound to record their second album. After a line-up change that included a new drummer, Ty Gogal, Shotgun Dolls had solidified their chemistry and forged a new path into the future, and the rest, says Midzain, “is still to be written.”

Ask Shotgun Dolls to describe their sound and they have a great answer: “modernized classic rock.” Midzain adds: “Just big riff rock that makes you want to pound your fist in the air, but airy ’60s jams that take you back to a place where you could get high and not have a care in the world.” This statement could not have been said any better and with influences ranging from classics like Led Zeppelin and The Doors to Iron Maiden, Tool, and Queens of the Stone Age, it’s a perfect description. It’s real rock n’ roll: music with soul and feeling.

For Shotgun Dolls, music seems to flow through their veins. They’ve been blessed with unmatchable chemistry and other songwriters hate to hear how quickly they’re able to write music; every band member contributes equally and shares ideas, and by some rare miracle they’re almost always on the same page. They might be soulmates: they can share an idea without anything being said, the sign of a perfect relationship and a band that will go far.

The New Album and Tour

Shotgun Dolls entered the studio in February 2012 to record their second full-length album. Produced by Brad Taylor of Taylor Sound, the album is due out in the fall of 2012 and will create some very happy fans, both old and new. Meanwhile, the band is gearing up for a five-week tour across Canada, taking on the country from Edmonton to Halifax. This is a huge trip, but the band has high hopes for its payoff. “We got really lucky on our last tour,” says Midzain, “and made a lot of contacts and a lot of new fans. We also gained a lot of nationwide radio play with our new single, ‘From the Roots’. That is actually the main reason we are touring this summer.” Spreading their wings to the East Coast will definitely be a good move for Shotgun Dolls: fans in the East can’t wait to see them, and if all goes well we hope to see a lot of them in the future.

On Touring, Being Busy, and Looking Forward

For Shotgun Dolls, the music is everything. They work hard to pay the bills, but when it comes right down to it, music is their life. This attitude is what keeps the band so positive and optimistic while touring and running themselves into the ground. Other bands might hesitate or step back from the challenge, but Shotgun Dolls loves the hard work and everything that comes with it. “We play music for the love of it. If we all end up in a shitty apartment with a bunch of roommates but we are paying our bills by playing our music, showing our souls, then we have a great life. Life is not about money, it’s about doing what you love and being happy.”

With a huge year ahead of them and a future brighter than the sun, Shotgun Dolls is set to take on the world. They’re awesome, and that is why they’re Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

For a taste of Shotgun Dolls, listen to “From The Roots“:

To learn more about Shotgun Dolls and find out about their upcoming music releases, gigs and the cross-Canada tour, visit their Website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and check out ReverbNation for a ton of music samples.


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