Featured Artist - Septembryo

Featured Artist – Septembryo

Indie403 is thrilled to present Septembryo as our Featured Artist of the Month!


With fate on their side and a passionate drive, Septembryo has found their niche in the Calgary music scene and is continuing to blow audiences away with their talent. Following their dreams and creating new ones along the way is what drives the heart and soul of this incredibly unique group. Combining other-worldly sounds with rocking beats gives them a twist that keeps their die-hard fans wanting more. Listening to Septembryo is an experience like no other, and they like to keep it that way. With new ideas brewing and a continuous list of goals to be reached, Septembryo’s fate is sure to be in good hands.

The Band

Whether it was written in the stars, or just sheer luck, Septembryo was created with a common passion: Music. The band, now consisting of Michael 8, Mickey Valenz, and Nolan Kelly, has always stayed true to creating good tunes. All three of the members knew each other from high school, but didn’t fully connect musically until afterwards. Michael recalls one afternoon following a couple girls into the music room to hear Nolan play guitar. Hearing him play his version of Suicidal Dream that day instantly sparked a feeling in Michael that the two of them would one day create music together. They reconnected in 2004 and realized after a couple jam sessions that the musical relationship was meant to be. Now Michael states that he would never want anyone but Nolan as his bass player. They admit it is almost a little weird to have such a perfect musical connection between them. Along the way, Mickey had stayed involved in the music scene through other bands and projects he pursued out of high school. At first, Mickey was invited to help Michael and Nolan out with the occasional song, but it soon became clear that all the contributions he was making were gold. The addition of Mickey to the group seemed all too right and since joining forces, the three have never looked back. The name Septembryo originated from Michael 8’s first version of the band when he was just out of high school. It stems from the month he was born because he is a firm believer in fate, and he believes he was born to create music. Even though the initial Septembryo didn’t work out, he decided to keep the name alive. Even when he was performing as a solo artist, the name followed him and now he feels that the true Septembryo has been formed. From the moment the three members decided to go through with the band, they set solid goals for themselves and wasted no time getting to work. They began experimenting with their sounds together and eventually were able to create an incredibly unique mesh of alternative rock and electro-pop that is an un-worldly experience like no other.

Looking Forward

After the incredible success of their first EP titled Dreambuilder, Septembryo has set their sights on a few goals ahead of them. Initially aiming to launch a new album this spring, they have now decided to focus on a new way of releasing music to their fans. They realized that a lot of the time, people buy albums based on one song they’ve heard in the hopes that the rest of it would be as good. Now, what Septembryo has decided to do, is release single songs throughout each month to their fans, through online sources such as iTunes. At shows, they will have iTunes drop cards for purchasing, which will give people access to their whole library of songs, and allow them to pick and choose the songs they really want. This idea is a great alternative and creates a better connection between the band and their fans. It will also allow them to see what songs are popular and what the fans want to hear at each show. That being said, Septembryo is still looking towards putting together a new album in the future. And for this next album, they have big plans. Continuously building their sound and creating new songs, they are now at a point where they really want to kick it up to the next level. They are firm believers in giving purpose to their music, whether it’s in their live performance or on their albums; and feel that they want to create a combination of tracks that flow with meaning and create an inspiring central theme for people to connect to. On the horizon, Septembryo is gearing up for some kick-ass live performances. Amping up the energy and using new technology has added new sonic sounds and animation to their performances that they promise are going to hit the audience in the face (in a good way). They’ve delved into a new level of electro-sound that audiences will not only hear, but will feel in their chests. If you’d like a piece of the action, they’ll be letting loose this April at a variety of locations including competing in this year’s Blind Beggar Original Music Showcase on April 15, and performing in one of their biggest events to date, the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with a rare special unplugged performance at Expo sponsor Redd Skull Comics on April 21, a featured presentation on April 27 as well as hosting a discussion panel on “Building Your Dreams” and manning a booth throughout the Expo (April 27-29). Staying true to good music and setting their sights high, these guys are headed for success! That’s why we’ve chosen Septembryo as our Featured Artist of the Month! For a taste of Septembryo, listen to: For more of Septembryo, visit: Septembryo on Facebook Septembryo on Twitter Septembryo on ReverbNation


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