Featured Artist - Million Dollar Fix

Featured Artist – Million Dollar Fix

Indie403 is thrilled to present Million Dollar Fix as our Featured Artist of the Month!


When in the presence of Million Dollar Fix, a dull moment is hard to come by. Rocking out on tables at their own shows, jamming on church roof tops, and launching jugs of juice with golf clubs are all in a days work for this incredibly talented band. There’s no doubt that with all their eccentric personality and energy, Million Dollar Fix has a unique sound and performance that sets them apart from everyone else and keeps the audiences on their toes! With multiple performances coming up in November and their sights set on their first album, these four are well on their way to success.

The Band, Influences, and Style

Million Dollar Fix consists of Logan Derby (Vocals and guitar), Keegan Costella (Vocals and Bass), Jeff Shibby (Drums), and Turner Midzain¬†(Guitar) and even though their goofy family photos hanging in their living room make them seem like a tight nit family already, it’s only recently that that they have all come together to create their current sound. All the members have always been involved in playing live music throughout their lives. In high school, Keegan and Logan became especially close while living together and decided to create Million Dollar Fix. In need of a drummer, they called on Jeff (“Shibby”) who, having played the drums since the age of 13, seemed to fit in perfectly. After the first drunken jam session (which happened to include the help of four friends to hold the drum kit together), the band was off to a great start. They played over the past year with just the three of them until just recently when Turner was able to join in the fun. Turner had known Logan and Keegan through a band the three of them were all involved with in high school and has become an essential addition to the group.

In their jam space, which happens to be covered from top to bottom in Christmas lights (seriously, it’s quite a scene), the band really likes to play around with their songs. As they are all able to play each other’s instruments, they will often switch it up, play each other’s parts, and see what different personality they can bring to their songs. Bringing Turner on board has also pushed them forwards. They feel the sound is more rounded out and they have more freedom to collaborate and try new things. Having a well-rounded taste in music is something the whole band truly values. Their influences include Guns N’ Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, TurboNegro, Every Time I Die, Foo Fighters, Rush, Tea Party, Silverchair, and Hey Sugar. With influences like these, you know they’ll be doing it right. However, as rock based as they may seem, there are a couple lingering guilty pleasures in the group. Shibby has admitted to being a closet country lover, Turner happens to have Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on vinyl, and leave it to Logan to have Disney’s “The Elephant Walk” as his ring tone. All these things considered, these guys still know how to rock out!

What sets this band apart from other indie rockers in the city is their performance. They’re definitely not afraid of getting up close and personal with their audience. Keegan uses his wireless bass ability to literally rock out wherever he pleases and for the rest of the band, Shibby states, “We really like to go nutty when we play”. The incredible energy this group brings to the stage enhances the quality of their tunes, and brings their passion into every note. They believe that it’s not just the music that the audience is going to remember when they leave a show, it’s all in the performance!

Looking Forward and Shows

With hopes for a CD release in the near future and dreams of a US tour, Million Dollar Fix is setting their sights high. There’s no doubt that combining pure musical talent with unique personality is a sure fire way to the top. They’ve been gaining momentum by bringing their sound to multiple areas of the city over the past year and have even helped raise funds at a few charity events. This fall watch for their first show all together at their “4th Member Unveiling” show on October 15th at The Blind Beggar. They’ve also got a bunch of gigs throughout the rest of October and November so be sure to check back with Indie403 for the latest updates! This group is not one to be missed.

If you’re looking for a fun night with excellent tunes, you’ve gotta check them out! And, as Shibby states, “It’s really hard going to bed at night when you’re this talented –¬†just saying.”

That is why Indie403 has chosen Million Dollar Fix as our Feature Artist of the Month!


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