Featured Artist - Makeshift Innocence

Featured Artist – Makeshift Innocence

Indie403 is thrilled to present Makeshift Innocence as our Featured Artist of the Month!


In times good and bad, the world is united by two common things: music and love. Formed with these two ideas in mind and a beautiful mantra of “One Love” to bring fans together, Makeshift Innocence lives out their message of unity by incorporating a number of multinational influences and bridging elements of rock, reggae, roots, blues, and alternative to create something unique and special. With a resume full of incredible accomplishments and even more good things to come, the talented Calgary-based foursome has shown they’re one of the top bands in western Canada and on their way to something unprecedented. As fans both old and new can agree, Makeshift Innocence is anything but ordinary, and lucky for us, they’re nowhere near finished.

The Artist, Influence and Style

Since the band’s inception in 2007, critics and music fans have been singing the praises of Makeshift Innocence. The musical lovechild of frontman Jesse-James Cameron, the band has evolved and changed over the years and now includes bassist Tammy Amstutz, lead guitarist Brad Simons, and drummer Fred Brenton, creating a collaborative and close-knit family of four. This is a relationship that brings together a common goal of touching people’s hearts through music, and with incredible chemistry and a union that seems to be written in the stars, they bring a touch of magic to every performance.

The band is largely influenced by Cameron’s years living in Negril, Jamaica. Synonymous with reggae music and the mellow and love-filled attitude it represents, Jamaica found a special place in the frontman’s heart, one that would continue to build and grow even after his return to Canada. The music of Makeshift Innocence is now infused with authentic Caribbean tones, and while the band cites no specific inspiration or influence, their style has clear undercurrents of reggae and roots. Combine these tones with rock and some pop sounds and you’ve got something that brings together all different tastes and backgrounds, bridging the gaps of isolation and removing the differences that drive us apart.

Above all, Makeshift Innocence is influenced by love and life. They bring an emotional journey through the common experiences that unite us, and while some songs are deeply personal to Cameron and reflective of his own experiences they find ways to touch all our hearts, creating an emotional connection for fans and a reason to love all of Makeshift Innocence’s music. Their latest album “Yours to Keep” has earned critical acclaim for both the lyrical and melodic content, and following a year of production and a true labour of love, this is an album of which the band is incredibly proud.

Onstage, the band blows fans away. Celebrated for their incredible stage presence and energy they bring to every performance, Makeshift Innocence is known as one of the best live acts in western Canada, a description that is both well-earned and humbling for the band. Cameron has been called one of the greatest frontman to hit the music scene in years, and with a huge fan base across both Canada and the United States, is no wonder they’ve had sellout shows and record sales across the globe.

AMP Radio Rockstar Finals 2012

This past February, Makeshift Innocence made their sophomore appearance at the AMP Radio Rockstar Finals, an exclusive competition that brings in some of the best acts around to compete for a grand prize of $200,000. While they won second place in the contest in 2010, the near-win that year gave the band the encouragement and drive to try even harder. After two years of spreading their music and message and winning thousands more fans across the country, Makeshift Innocence was ready to show the world what they were made of, and in the contest finals in early February the band took home the coveted cash prize, creating a life-changing moment and proving that with a little faith, everyone’s dreams can come true.

Looking Forward

2012 is a huge year for Makeshift Innocence. Following their win at the AMP Radio Rockstar Finals, the band has quickly fulfilled the prediction that the prize would change their lives, and has wasted no time in making that happen. From May to July, Makeshift Innocence will be embarking on their 1st National US Tour, traveling coast-to-coast with their friends in Sinizen to spread the message of “One Love” to 50 cities! This is a tour that fans across the United States have demanded for years, and now with the ability to reach out to new fans in person and spread their music to new areas, they hope to change the world one city at a time.

There’s no telling how much Makeshift Innocence can accomplish. Their talents, dreams, and hope for the future make them a completely unique force, and with a little time and a little patience, the entire world will be singing their message: One Love. That’s why we’ve chosen Makeshift Innocence as our Featured Artist of the Month!

For a taste of Makeshift Innocence, watch “One Love“:

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