Featured Artist - King Dylan

Featured Artist – King Dylan

Indie403 is thrilled to present King Dylan as our Featured Artist of the Month!


If you havent had the chance to check out King Dylan, you are seriously missing out on an incredibly talented musician! With a killer live performance and a unique combination of musical styles, King Dylan is a force to be reckoned with in the Calgary Scene. Combining such genres as hip-hop, pop and rock, he has made a name for himself and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The Artist, Influences and Style

Throughout his life, King Dylan has always been involved with music. From a young age, he took piano lessons and over the years, he continued to build on his musical capabilities. However when it came time to attend a university, he chose a different route. While also heavily involved in speed-skating, Dylan enrolled at the University of Calgary so he could continue his training in speed-skating while pursuing an education. And while he was involved in musical groups through high school and university, it wasn’t until later on in his education that his passion for music, especially hip-hop, began to surface. He realized, that when he was having difficulty deciding on a degree and being confused with what he wanted in life, he would continuously fall back on music. This discovery came during weeks of getting up early to train for speed-skating in the morning, but still staying up until 4 trying to perfect a song. Dylan took this as a sign that he wanted to focus on music and hasn’t looked back. While he did finish his degree in communications and culture with a minor in art, he has completely immersed himself in a musical career ever since.

To label King Dylan’s style of music, even he has a difficult time defining a genre. The best way to describe him would be hip-hop/pop, but there are many influences in his music. While he will always be an underground hip-hop fan, he also listens to artists such as Tech N9ne, B.O.B, Breaking Benjamin, Adele, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars – a bit of everything! Combining genres like hip-hop, rock, and pop give him a unique sound that fans of all different genres have come to enjoy. One of his most well-known songs called Sing, Sing, Sing was one of his first songs that explored the boundaries of King Dylan’s original hip-hop style. It was a step outside of the box, and after it turned out to be a huge hit with his fans, he has continued in this direction, creating his music using his love of different genres.

Combined with a solid knack for writing catchy tunes, King Dylan has kept himself busy performing live shows all over town. In an ever-growing hip-hop scene in Calgary, King Dylan continues to stand out as a “must-see” performer. Watching him on stage, you can certainly tell he loves being up there. Dancing his heart out, getting the audience to jump around with him, kicking the air and wiggling his hips are just some of the highlights you might witness while out for a night with King Dylan. He explains: “I think it’s healthy to make fun of yourself. You can’t be serious all the time. Even if people think I look like an idiot on stage, I try not to get sensitive about things like that.” Once the music starts, he just has to dance!

Dinosaurs on Broadway

His new album, to be release in March, is titled: Dinosaurs on Broadway – an interesting title with a lot of meaning behind it. He explains that the album is about getting older (like a dinosaur), and about being in places he shouldn’t be and causing trouble, yet still putting on an incredibly entertaining show, like dinosaurs on Broadway! The album reflects what King Dylan wants to be doing at this point in his career. It’s a step up from his previous album Disheartened and is sure to have some surprises! It will include a single titled Entertainers; a song with almost a “chorus line” feel to it which will have a music video to accompany it. The re-occurring theme of “dinosaurs” has actually been a point of creativity for Dylan. When asked about it, it turns out his first rap song he ever wrote was about dinosaurs, and he also has found that dinosaurs helped open him up to visual art. So we could say that if it wasn’t for dinosaurs, King Dylan may not be here to perform for us today.

Looking Forward and Upcoming Shows

King Dylan has big plans for the next couple of years. Following the release of Dinosaurs on Broadway, he plans to tour across the country in the summer months and hopes to make it onto the lineup for the North by Northeast Festival in Toronto. While in Calgary, he wants to continue collaborating on new music endeavors with artists of diverse genres, to help bring something different to audiences that normally wouldn’t branch out of a specific genre. Keeping these goals in mind, King Dylan’s determination to stay true to himself is a sure fire way to the top. His advice to young musicians: “save your money, do it properly, and follow your heart. Don’t do anything half ass, and make sure you love what you do. If you’re not pleased with what you’re putting out, don’t put it out. Do what your heart tells you to do.” That is why we have chosen King Dylan as our Feature Artist of the Month!

The official CD Release for Dinosaurs on Broadway will be March 9th @ Dickens followed by an all-ages show @ The New Black on March 10th!

Check out his latest video “Entertainers” featuring Ricca Razor Sharp, Transit & Jesse-James (Makeshift Innocence)!

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