Featured Artist - Go For The Eyes

Featured Artist – Go For The Eyes

Indie403 is thrilled to present Go For The Eyes as our Featured Artist of the Month!


There is no doubt that the Calgary indie music scene is evolving, shifting, and pretty much about to explode; and one of the bands making a major contribution to this fact is Go For The Eyes. This eclectic collective are one of the top bands in the Calgary scene and are fearless when it comes to pursuing their dream. Combining multiple styles and musical interests has given them a unique edge that anyone who likes to jam out will enjoy. Setting their goals high, Go For The Eyes are one those bands that will leave people saying, “I liked them even before they made it huge!”

The Artist, Influences and Style

The band originated in Calgary in 2008 after an inspirational trip to Coachella in 2007. Since then, the group has encountered some bumps along the road. After a few transitions with band members, lead vocalist and guitarist, Jeff Turner, now remains the only member of the original group. The band now consists of vocalist/ keyboardist Elise Roller, vocalist/guitarist Jeff Turner, bassist Scott Perrin and drummer Nathan Raboud. As all the band members come together with a common goal, they bring to the table a lot of talent. Elise Roller, before joining the band, had a successful solo career on the go, but decided to join the group after meeting like-minded Jeff Turner. The two were able to click on a business level and haven’t looked back since.

Have you ever heard of Circus Rock? If you can make an image in your mind of what that would sound like, you can start to picture the direction this group is aiming. As all the band members bring very different musical interests to the table, it allows them to funnel it all into an original sound with a bit of everything good. Often referring to the term, “What would Radiohead do?” the band has developed a creative process that has worked wonders for them so far. Being open and honest with each other has been a key part of their development. Everyone brings their own ideas to the table and everyone collaborates to bring the song to life.

Being the only female in the band, Elise admits that to be respected by the other guys, she’s had to push to be better than them. Herself and Jeff create most of the lyrics to the songs, and whenever things get too “girly”, the guys aren’t afraid of letting her know, in the nicest way possible of course. They all want their music to be relatable to all their fans equally. Elise admits to bringing influences such as Deadweather, The Kills, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, and maybe a little bit of Coldplay on the side. Jeff also comes from a wide background of music. Fortunate to grow up with a very music oriented father, Jeff was, from an early age, surrounded by diverse sounds in folk fests, blues fests, and many other fests that have influenced him to seek out new creative ways to approach music. In combination with the other band member’s styles, the band has been able to create music that is undoubtedly some of the best in Canada.

Looking Forward

After a very busy year in 2011 with the release of their self-titled debut album and two cross-Canada tours, Go For The Eyes are now looking towards expanding their creativity and upping their game a bit.

Their experience at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto last year proved to be a “kick in the teeth” to the group, in the best way possible. They realized that even though they thought they have been successful in Calgary, there is a whole other world of talent out there in the bigger cities. Taking this experience forward, they now have become less “music critics” and more “music students” when involved in the community and continue to develop their practice. Ultimately they’d like to have the opportunity to continue their career as a band in one of the bigger scenes of Vancouver or Toronto, however, with more opportunity comes more competition. Plus, they admit, there’s nothing like having a home cooked meal at their parent’s houses every once in a while.

So for this year, they plan to spend some time in the basement perfecting their art, and really stepping into ideas and emotions of other people instead of just themselves. Their music is continuously growing and they now want to invite the stories of others to inspire a new sound. They’ll be putting full efforts into creating new material so they can hit the road again and continue building their fan base elsewhere. As much as they love Calgary and have loved being a part of the developing scene, they have big dreams in sight and will go wherever they need to in order to get to the next level. And that’s why we’ve chosen Go For The Eyes as our Featured Artist of the Month for March!

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