Featured Artist - Frankie McQueen

Featured Artist – Frankie McQueen

Indie403 is thrilled to present Frankie McQueen as our Featured Artist of the Month for September!


In local music, a few bands are more recognizable than others. These bands get around; they aren’t afraid to work hard and their network of friends, fans and admirers suggests a certain level of prestige and immortality. When you hear their name, you know them. Well-known around Calgary for more than just their name, Frankie McQueen is now taking their love of music, freedom and rock n’ roll to new fans in Eastern Canada. They’re everything a rock band should be, and that is why they have been chosen as Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

The Band, Influences and Attitude

For five years Frankie McQueen has been taking over Calgary, spreading their music like recipes at a church potluck. The story of the band is one written in the stars: singer-guitarist Scott Charles had known former bassist Kelly O’Keefe in high school, and like a fated union, the pair joined drummer Connor Muth and Devan Forster to create the original Frankie McQueen. The name itself came to Charles in a dream, and from this moment on Frankie McQueen was official and there was no turning back.

A couple line-up changes later and we’ve got the perfection that is Frankie McQueen: joining original members Charles and Muth are Scott Giffin (guitar) and Corey Adams (bass), a foursome with incredible chemistry and a family-like bond. “We are all amazing friends,” says Charles, explaining the band’s natural connection. “I would consider those guys my brothers.”

There’s something about family relationships that leads to great music. Is it the time they spend together, perhaps the things they have in common? Whether good times or bad, the band’s experiences have led them to create great music and a relationship worthy of reality tv: “We definitely have our moments,” agrees Charles. “I would say we are a mix between the Osmonds and Whitney and Bobby Brown.”

Bringing together their different tastes and backgrounds, the boys in Frankie McQueen leave no doors unopened. Their influences come from everywhere: metal, rock, blues and R&B all find a home in their songwriting, creating a purely Frankie McQueen mixed bag of sounds. They cite Black Sabbath, Graveyard and Foo Fighters as influences, but stay away from any sort of real comparison when describing their sound. “We don’t like to put a box around what we do. Musical freedom is extremely liberating and it is something that we keep in mind every time we get together.”

It’s an attitude that’s done them well so far. For them, music is a passion and an escape. Work is just a thing they do to make money for what they love, and as Charles admits, “the second we get a chance to pursue music full time we’d gladly give our bosses a very heartfelt and sincere ‘f-you’ and then write some kind of song about it.” Combine this attitude with the band’s talent and it won’t be long before the big ‘f-you’ happens.

Accomplishments and Successes

Frankie McQueen has spread across Calgary with sure-fire tenacity and power. They’ve done great things already, including two EPs and a huge win at the 2010 New Cap Radio Rock Star competition, taking home the incredible $250,000 top prize and a ton of new fans. This win also gave them the boost to record their second EP, and in February 2012 the self-titled album was released to huge acclaim and praise from even the most discriminating listeners. They’ve already opened for Flash Lightning, Daniel Wesley and Bedouin Soundclash, and while the boys show a lot of pride in their accomplishments they’re most proud of the fact that they “get to give friends and strangers an excuse to get drunk and jump around. It is an amazing feeling when you get off the stage and you see people just as sweaty as you are. Mission accomplished.” With these successes behind them and even more coming in the future, it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to.

Looking Forward

For the rest of the year, Frankie McQueen will be closing 2012 in style. Increasing their fan base one province at a time, the band will be introducing new fans to their music as they travel eastward to Ontario and beyond. Music fans in the East have a lot to be excited about, and with a few successes already and a lot of credit to their name Frankie McQueen is on their way to something huge. They’re also building their creative juices and thinking about a new album, and beyond anything they’re excited to see what the next year brings them. “Our most major goal is to be doing this full-time, to be touring and on the road all the time, to have an infinite amount of resources to draw inspiration from and to write and play music every day.” It’s incredibly ambitious, but with their natural talent, showmanship and legions of fans to support them, there’s no telling how much they can accomplish. They’re cool, determined and awesome, and that is why they’re Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

For a taste of Frankie McQueen, listen to “Black Horse“:

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