Featured Artist - Chron Goblin

Featured Artist – Chron Goblin

Indie403 is thrilled to present Chron Goblin as our Featured Artist of the Month for August!


Some bands are completely fascinating. Just as we can become obsessed with celebrity gossip or the latest news at the water cooler, we occasionally find a band whose stories and personalities leave us in awe. We can’t get enough of these bands. As if the music weren’t good enough, the members themselves are cool enough to blow us away and leave us wanting more. One of these bands is the incomparable Chron Goblin. Known for their adrenaline-filled shows, genre-defying songwriting, and a hugely dedicated fan following they’re a force to be reckoned with, and that is why they have been chosen as Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

The Band, Influences, and Attitude

Chron Goblin is a Calgary foursome with a lot to say and even more to love. Fatefully meeting at the University of Calgary in 2004, all four guys lived in the same residence building where they discovered a mutual love for music and the party attitude that traditionally comes with being a university student. Friendship (and actual academics) came first for the band, however; finishing degrees, partying, and growing professionally for the next four years, the guys didn’t come together to jam and write music as a band until 2009. By October of that year, they were gearing up to enter the studio to record their first self-titled EP.

Three years later, Chron Goblin is going strong, and with a natural chemistry that has been developed over time the guys have a real family-like dynamic. As they note, “the fact that we were friends for five years before we decided to start a band together has given us the benefit of a solidified friendship that makes working together pretty easy.” Making up this solid friendship are four awesome guys: with Josh Sandulak on vocals, Devin “Darty” Purdy on guitar, Richard Hepp on bass, and Brett Whittingham manning the drums, every minute with them is fantastic. Just listening to their stories is exciting: they’re interesting and intelligent (with impeccable grammar!), and obviously passionate about everything they do.

This passion is most obvious when they talk about their music. Like the very best bands, they cite a huge range of influences and show a diverse and strong love of all types of music, from Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age to Dead Kennedys and Protest the Hero. They know exactly what makes these bands great and aspire to do the same thing themselves: “Bands that aspire to do their own thing and push themselves to be creative, try new ideas, and write bitchin’ kick-ass songs get us stoked! Trying to maintain a group’s ‘sound’ and what makes them unique, while also being able to be expressive and innovative is something that we have respect for and aim to achieve ourselves.”

Achieving this level of success and innovation is not a difficult process for Chron Goblin. With a sensibility that is “stripped-down and organic”, the band starts each songwriting attempt by fooling around with a few riffs and chords, eventually refining them through jamming and discussion. Each band member has a chance to be creative and to push themselves as musicians, while also “maintaining the integrity” of the song. They use this creative equality to create a unique and diverse sound, crossing genres and creating a collection of music that will appeal to a wide audience.

“At our most basic we are a heavy rock band, but our sound often includes aspects of metal, punk, stoner rock, classic rock… All the best stuff! It’s heavy, fast, groovy, slow, melodic, aggressive, and hopefully somewhat fresh. We aim for something that appeals to the headbanger as well as the intellectual: sexy enough for your girlfriend, but heavy enough for the bros.”

Girlfriends and bros agree, Chron Goblin has the right stuff, and with a series of accomplishments and a whole lot still in the works, they’re well on their way to something great.

Accomplishments and Successes

Since their inception in 2009, Chron Goblin has done a lot and has a lot to be proud of. In September 2011 the band released their first full-length album, One Million from the Top, to a sold-out crowd of over 250 fans at The Palomino. The crowd went crazy for the band’s huge stage presence and propelled them to a series of shows and tours which would make other bands weep with jealousy. By December the band had opened for The Devin Townsend Project at The Gateway, and following a mini-tour through the prairies in late winter and early spring of 2012, Chron Goblin got the chance to play three major shows to huge crowds and high acclaim: Calgary’s Sled Island festival was first, as the band joined Chixdiggit at the Ship & Anchor Pub and unleashed their sound to a whole new legion of fans. This show was quickly followed up by a gig with Bison BC at The Republik, and then “a dream come true” for the band as they opened for 3 Inches of Blood at The Gateway.

With these huge accomplishments it’s incredible the boys have kept their heads and maintained some humble humility. They’re truly grateful for their success and work hard to get it. This hard work will continue to pay off as the band expands their sound across Canada, releasing more music and increasing their already dedicated fanbase.

Looking Forward

What’s next for Chron Goblin? A lot. August itself is already packed, including a gig on the 11th at Olympic Plaza as part of CJSW’s Summer Concert Series and a big show August 31 at Dickens Pub with Throne of Vengeance, Open Air, and Toronto’s Diemonds. These bands are all part of a huge network of musicians that make up the thriving Canadian music scene, and with tons of support across the scene and die-hard fans pushing them forward, Chron Goblin has found a great place in the heart of it all.

For the rest of the year Chron Goblin has even more in the works, including a music video for one of the songs off One Million from the Top and “a killer Halloween show”, the details of which are yet to come but are sure to thrill the faces off their fans. They also plan on writing more material for their sophomore album which they hope to release next year, adding a whole new dimension to their already successful and busy musical lives.

Meanwhile, they’re also normal guys. They have great jobs (in everything from judicial law to children/youth services to software sales), are into very Canadian activities like hockey, skiing/snowboarding, and skateboarding, and “take full advantage” of the weekends. Chron Goblin is a group of really cool guys, and with some wicked tunes and personalities to match, they’re destined for something awesome, and that is why they’re Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

For a taste of Chron Goblin, listen to “One Million from the Top“:

To learn more about Chron Goblin and find out about their upcoming music releases and gigs, visit their Website, follow them on Facebook, and check out ReverbNation for a ton of music samples.


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