Featured Artist - Bloom

Featured Artist – Bloom

Indie403 is thrilled to present Bloom as our Featured Artist of the Month for November!


Most rockers don’t pay attention to rules or limits. Life is about living and having a good time, and no band is a better example than Bloom. These reggae-rockers are well-known around Calgary for their interactive style, commitment to music and innovative sound, and when you’re looking a solid show and a great experience, Bloom is the first stop. Bloom is big, broad and bold, and that is why they deserve to be Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

The Band, Influences and Style

Bloom is no stranger to the music scene. With relationships that go back years (even lifetimes), Bloom has been an official band for about five years and has grown and evolved to become one of Alberta’s top acts – and they’re only getting started. Built over a few years of trial and error, the band has found real chemistry and strength in its current line-up of father-son combo Jeff and Davey Bloomfield (bass; guitar), Adam Gawryluk (guitar), Victor Laso (drums), Greg MacDonald (keys), and Paul Russell (flute), bringing together a variety of experiences and influences to create a sound that is undeniably unique.

“The chemistry between band members [comes from] raw jam skills met with years of experience playing all styles of music,” says guitarist Gawryluk. “Everyone in the band has played in everything from punk bands, Latin jazz, reggae, fusion [and] hip-hop.”

This unique blend of genres influences the special sound that sets Bloom apart. They’re influenced by everything: The Clash, Led Zeppelin, Salmonella Dub, Lee Scratch Perry, Rancid, Sublime, English Beat, Rush, Queen and Dave Mathews have all had an impact on the band’s music, and with each band member contributing to their songwriting, their songs come from a wide variety of ideas and inspirations.

“Every musician is different when it comes to inspiration,” Gawryluk acknowledges. “We are very jam focused but a lot of jams come from ideas we’ve all had playing on our own. Someone might have something they have been working on melodically or even lyrically. Sometimes someone has a completed song or idea they want to share.”

A good example of a song like this, says the band, is their new song “Runnin'”. Based mostly on a song by Russell, the band has jammed, changed and adapted the song to create something to be excited over. It is this sort of writing process that also led to the creation of their first EP last March. While most lyrics are written by Davey Bloomfield, the band came together to jam out the melodies, riffs and instrumental layers that rounded out the album. As a result, it’s a mix of rock, hip-hop and rap, all behind the album’s overall reggae focus.

They’re a band of many inspirations, but with so many influences and such a complicated mix of genres, Bloom is incomparable. They’re just Bloom.

Accomplishments and Successes

After a few years of jamming, playing live and writing music, Bloom finally recorded and released their debut EP in March 2012. To the band, the album and its response showed they had the ability to make major waves locally and beyond: their fanbase has grown across Canada and the band’s tracks already receive regular airplay on indie radio. Their album has solidified Bloom’s role as a major independent act and with this success now in their wake, the band has propelled forward to even greater achievements.

The band’s greatest success to date came in the form of a big win: in May 2012 Bloom won the coveted Boonstock Band Wars, placing in the top three out of over 90 bands in Alberta and earning a spot at Boonstock over Canada Day weekend. Considered a “very pride-worthy achievement” by the band, the win at Boonstock was bigger than anything Bloom had previously achieved, sending them even further along the path to greatness and earning them legions of new fans.

Looking Forward

The success of their debut EP and their win at Boonstock have pushed Bloom forward to achieve even more. “2013 will see the release of our full length album and a spring tour to promote it,” announces Gawryluk. “We hope to play festivals such as Boonstock again. We are crossing our fingers to get into the Open Sky music festivals.”

Big festivals and shows are always a hit with the band: “To stand on an open stage looking out over people bearing the elements to listen to your music is amazing.” They also hope to play at the Canadian Music Awards in Toronto next year and have their eyes on a few overseas festivals, exposing their unique sound to even larger groups of fans.

While big stages are fun, however, the band also acknowledges the advantages of small venues and the intimacy that comes with them. As Gawryluk notes, “You have to play small venues to connect the tours and to get exposure in places you have never played before. Small rooms and venues are more personal not just in the fan perspective but also at an industry perspective. It is very important to talk to managers, bookers, agents, and promoters at the small venues. This industry is about the relationships you create and the network you maintain.”

Smart words from a great band, and with this attitude and a huge amount of skill and talent behind them, Bloom is bound for great things. For more information about the band and for news about their upcoming album and tours, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.


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