Featured Artist - Alkatine

Featured Artist – Alkatine

Indie403 is thrilled to present Alkatine as our Featured Artist of the Month!


Alkatine is one of those unnaturally great bands that stands out in a sea of lacklustre entertainment, the spicy kick to an otherwise standard meal. Already hailed as “the next big thing”, Alkatine has quickly burst onto the music scene to huge acclaim, earning legions of fans around Calgary and beyond. Not a bad accomplishment for four young guys with so much still in the works. With a highly anticipated album on the go and a number of live shows scheduled for the remainder of the year, Alkatine is proving that the keys to success are energy, youth, and determination, as well as a huge thing called talent.

The Band, Influences, and Style

When Alkatine came together in 2009, the encounter seemed to be written in the stars. Guitarist Kurtis Lovas and drummer Doug Pocasangre had met earlier in a grade nine guitar class, and their combined love of music grew into a strong friendship that ultimately resulted in their first band, Strut Glory. The band didn’t last, but it opened doors and introduced the band to many people, including Alkatine’s bass player, Blair Lilley. Brady Riplinger’s role as lead singer came by chance: Kurtis was lucky enough to spot Brady’s Alice in Chains t-shirt in their high school hallway, and from there, the guys formed a tightly knit group that started with a 10-hour jam session. Two years later, the band’s chemistry is even stronger. With a year of bar gigs under their belts and some major accomplishments in 2011, Alkatine has become well-known for their sound and stage presence. Their inspirations for both music and lyrics come anywhere from local live acts to major artists, and their sound has been compared to a combination of Guns N’ Roses, Buckcherry, and Alice In Chains. In other words, they rock. And the name? “Alkatine doesn’t mean anything”, according to Doug. “It’s really cool to hear what other people think the name means, because you get some really cool definitions, like ‘Alcohol and Nicotine’ or ‘Alkaline Teens’ … but it’s just a name.” The name came up randomly and stuck, and for a name with no meaning, it’s certainly making waves.

The New Album

Although the official release date is TBA, Alkatine is currently finalizing their first album with the help of Calgary producer and recording engineer Brad Taylor. Brad’s production style has been instrumental to the band’s success and creativity, and as the album gets closer to completion, the band’s excitement and pride in their work increases. The band promises that the album will exceed expectations, and as fans know, anything from Alkatine is well worth the wait.

Shows and Conclusion

Fresh off a western Canada tour with shows across British Columbia, Alkatine is back in Calgary. With some great gigs already lined up and their EP on the way, August will be a great month for the band. Send them a big “Welcome home!” at their show at The Distillery on August 3, followed up by The Blind Beggar on August 5. Alkatine is on their way to huge success, and that is why they are Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month.


For a taste of Alkatine, listen to: Alkatine – Vise

To learn more about Alkatine, visit: Alkatine on Myspace Alkatine on Facebook


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