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IFAM - Ricca Razor SharpRicca Razor Sharp

One of the city’s biggest MCs, Ricca Razor Sharp, has been influential in the growth of this scene over the past 14 years.

April IFAM


Open AIR live, breathe and create high-tempo, soulful music that modernizes the classic rock sound for the music we love today.

March IFAM

IFAM - Jung PeopleJung People

The love of music, and the need express yourself through art, is what makes Jung People true artists.

February IFAM

IFAM - Matt Blais (Photo Credit Jenn Five, 2012. © Jenn Five 2012)Matt Blais

He’s an inspiration to all, and that is why he deserves to be Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

January IFAM

IFAM - JennyJenny

Jenny is a YYC’s folk punk band that believes in honesty and being real, and that is why they are Indie403’s Featured Artist!


December IFAM

IFAM - Danny Vacon (Credit: http://thedudesmusic.ca/)Danny Vacon

Despite his success, Danny has stayed humble and driven, and that is why he deserves to be Indie403’s Featured Artist!

November IFAM

IFAM - BloomBloom

Bloom is big, broad and bold, and that is why they deserve to be Indie403’s Featured Artist!

October IFAM

IFAM - Nix DicksonsThe Nix Dicksons

They’re a legend in the making, and that is why they deserve to be Indie403’s Featured Artist of the Month!

September IFAM

IFAM - Frankie McQueen (Photo Credit: Keith Skrastins)Frankie McQueen

They’re everything a rock band should be, and that is why they have been chosen as Indie403’s Featured Artist!

August IFAM

IFAM - Chron GoblinChron Goblin

Known for their adrenaline-filled shows, they’re a force to be reckoned with and that is why they are Indie403’s Featured Artist!


IFAM - Shotgun Dolls (Photo Credit: Shotgun Dolls)Shotgun Dolls

Constantly touring and writing their way to the top, Shotgun Dolls show why they deserve to be Indie403s Featured Artist!


IFAM - Black Phoenix OrchestraBlack Phoenix Orchestra

BPO is a force to be reckoned with, and as they spread their wings across Canada, they’re definitely a band to watch.


IFAM - Makeshift InnocenceMakeshift Innocence

…The talented YYC-based foursome has shown they’re one of the top bands in western Canada and on their way to something unprecedented.

April IFAM

IFAM - SeptembryoSeptembryo

Combining other-worldly sounds with rocking beats gives them a twist that keeps their die-hard fans wanting more.

March IFAM

IFAM - Go For The EyesGo For The Eyes

Setting their goals high, Go For The Eyes are one those bands that will leave people saying, I liked them even before they made it huge!

February IFAM

IFAM - KingDylanKing Dylan

Combining such genres as hip-hop, pop and rock, he has made a name for himself and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

January IFAM

IFAM - Amy ThiessenAmy Thiessen

She has given a unique twist to “folk and acoustic” singer with her powerful spirit and soul that make her stand out in Calgary.


December IFAM

IFAM - JenaviveJenavive

She’s new to the scene but with an incredible voice, catchy songs, and a face to launch a thousand ships, Jenavive is definitely someone to watch.

November IFAM

IFAM - TransitTransit

With a brand new album out titled 22 he’s picking up momentum and well on his way to becoming an influential pioneer for Canadian music.

October IFAM

IFAM - Million Dollar Fix (Photo Credit: Damien Mustaphi)Million Dollar Fix

Million Dollar Fix has a unique sound and performance that sets them apart from everyone else and keeps the audiences on their toes!

August IFAM

IFAM - AlkatineAlkatine

Alkatine is proving that the keys to success are energy, youth, and determination, as well as a huge thing called talent.


IFAM - Throne of Vengeance (Photo Credit: Damien Mustaphi)Throne of Vengeance

ToV produces a natural heavy rock ‘n roll groove in their music with precision, performance, and production at the focal point of their live show.


IFAM - Taylor Cochrane (Photo Credit: Damien Mustaphi)Taylor Cochrane

…he found his voice through music and developed an obscure style of writing lyrics while his eccentric personality began to shine.


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