EnemyUs - Greed Filled Way

EnemyUs Set To Release 3rd Album

Local groove metal act Enemyus will be releasing their third full-length Greed Filled Way on Friday, August 2 with Stab.twist.pull, Million Dollar Fix, and Thrill of Falling at Dickens Pub (1000 – 9 Ave. S.W.). It’s $10 at the door. BeatRoute caught up with guitarist Warren Immerkar to get the scoop on the album.

“[We’re] groove metal with a lot of harmony vocals, and melodic death, easy to understand,” he says. Comparatively speaking, this record – a five-track affair recorded at Perfect Fifth Studios – will feature “essential more vocal range, more melodic than before, which was a lot of screaming and grunting; it’s kind of just what happened with a new member. Dan Paradine is our new member, he is our singer, so that changed the band quite a bit.


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