Diemonds – “The Bad Pack”

At one time or another, most girls dream of singing in a band. Most girls, however, can’t sing, or if they can, they’re just too whiny or poppy to be rock band material. Female-led rock bands have never been critical favourites, and since the 1990s, only a few can really be considered popular, or even good. This noticeable absence has left a major gap in the music scene, and it has been a long time since there was a true rock n’ roll chick to admire.

Enter Diemonds. This five-piece ensemble fronted by the smoking hot Priya Panda defies all expectations by being a wicked hard rock band that can actually rock a stage. Their 2011 release “The Bad Pack” has wowed audiences across the country, and taking in the unique yet familiar sound, it’s easy to see why. It is a solid, energetic and surprisingly powerful collection of songs that seem to fly by, and of the ten tracks on the album, not one fails to live up to expectations. It is a collection of fast-paced, cheerworthy and even danceable tracks that can actually be followed and enjoyed by a diverse audience, chicks and dudes, young and old, employed and not.

The opening track and first single “Take On The Night” is a stellar introduction to what’s to come. With Priya’s sexy, pouty voice, wailing guitars and solid percussion, the track oozes power and sexiness, the overall theme of Diemonds and what has made them so popular.

The entire album shows the influence of late-1980s metal, adding on a sound that has progressed and been refined over the years. Picture the band with big hair, tight leather pants and denim jackets, and you’ve got Diemonds. They sound like a combination of Mötley Crüe, Veruca Salt and Crucial Taunt, Cassandra’s band in Wayne’s World. Schwing!

As a whole, this album and all its parts really are awesome. It’s easy to rock along with each track, and even with a few lovely burps punctuating the album, the high-energy doesn’t stop. It’s not totally heavy or “screamo”, but that makes it better. An added bonus would be a slower and darker song, but there’s only so much room on an album so we’ll happily wait for the next one.

“The Bad Pack” is a totally surprisingly hit and you have to listen to it. Check out the band here, and watch the video for “Take On The Night”. If that doesn’t make you want to see their live show, you’ve lost the game of life.

Thank you, Diemonds, for a killer album, and for reminding us that some chicks really do have balls.

Diemonds - "The Bad Pack"