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Local Singer Competes For Top Spot In Cowboys Dance Hall Contest

Lindsay Rae [Sinclair] has been singing since her childhood, but it wasn’t until her late teenage years that she felt comfortable with her voice and the power that she is capable of delivering.

“I used to do a lot of karaoke in my hometown of Pincher Creek and it was always a great feeling to be able to sing along to songs that I enjoy and add my own flare to them”

~Lindsay Rae (aka Ms. Vengeance)

Lindsay Rae performing at Cowboys Dance Hall (July 3, 2015)
Lindsay Rae performing at Cowboys Dance Hall (July 3, 2015)

Lindsay is competing as part of Cowboys Dance Hall’s – Cowboys Star Contest and will be performing as part of The Rope ‘Em Rowdy Stampede Parade Day Kick-Off Party.

To vote in person, get your FREE Tickets here, and to vote online, visit the Cowboys Dance Hall website.

Felipe Alberto Releases Debut Album To Sold Out Audience

June 27 couldn’t have come any sooner for Felipe Alberto, who released his debut album entitled “Alma del Ayer”, to a sold out audience at Lolita’s Lounge.

“Sometimes I forget that these songs were recorded nearly 2 years ago. I started working on this album in 2013, but playing them live always brings back the nostalgia of the many hours spent in the studio.”

~Felipe Alberto

Felipe released the following statement after the CD Release Show:

“What an amazing evening sharing culture through the vehicles of food, drink, dance, and traditional music, at the Calgary album launch party of “Alma del Ayer”. From the moment I walked on stage, the response from the crowd transported the evening to another time and place”
“Una noche increíble compartiendo cultura por medio de comida, bebida, baile, y por supuesto, música tradicional, en el laxamiento de Alma del Ayer. Desde que subí al escenario la respuesta del público transportó la noche entera hacia otros tiempos y lares lejanos.”
Felipe Alberto


Felipe Alberto shows off his debut album in between greeting guests at Lolita’s Lounge
Frontera Sur raises the heat with their Latin American folk music
Felipe Alberto performing during his first of two sets at Lolita’s Lounge for the release of his debut album “Alma del Ayer”

“Alma del Ayer” is available through iTunes, Felipe’s Website, and his MusicGlue Store.

The Electric Revival Announce Road Heavy Travel

The Electric Revival are once again proving that a DIY band can write and release all of the music they want, but it won’t get heard until you actually hit the road. These lads are no strangers to the road, having toured throughout the United States and Western Canada multiple times. This time though, the band has sights set on the east with some heavy touring in Ontario as part of their “Freak Out” tour.

The Electric Revival - Freak Out Tour

Stab.Twist.Pull Set To Release Highly Anticipated New Album

Stab.Twist.Pull has become a memorable name amongst the Calgary Metal Music Scene and their past releases have been received with much success.

Winners of the Calgary Beer Core‘s Best Singer (2012), Best Band (2013), Best Hardcore Band (2013), and Best Drummer (2013), the band shows no signs of slowing down.

Their last release, in 2011, entitled “This Wreckless Life”, included the single “Fighting & Crawling”. The music video was filmed by Mitch Nybo of Dog Driver Media and edited in collaboration with Mike Hoogaars.

With the new release, the band is taking a new approach to what they’ve done in the past.

“This album means a lot to us as we have been a band for 10 years now and we really wanted to write something that all 4 of us like. There is a whole different approach on this album: very southern rock sounding at times and very metal at other times with some slow groove.”

~Mike Hoogaars, Vocalist

The first single from the new album Lifeline, is called “Action Jackson Tallahassee” and Mike explains the meaning behind the song.

“This song is about partying and just enjoying life to the fullest life’s too short to not enjoy and be around the people you love.”

~Mike Hoogaars, Vocalist

Stab.Twist.Pull releases “Lifeline” on March 7th at Dicken’s Pub with Citizen Rage, Doberman, False Flag and Sonder.

Blades of Steel to release “Frontal Full Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks” EP

When Johnathan Stoddart moved to Calgary in 1999, the hip-hop scene was virtually non-existent in the city. In the fifteen years since he first set foot in the city, the scene has grown, and he has been front and centre for the ride. Stoddart made a name for himself as Ricca Razor Sharp, building a reputation as one of Calgary’s “go to” MC’s.

After building a solo career, Ricca has put his concentration solely on a collaboration between friends he has met along the way. Ricca is now part of a five piece crew, Blades of Steel, that continues to make their marks in a scene they helped cultivate.

Flanked by bassist Pastrami, Ricca Razor Sharp sits inside a bar in McKenzie Towne, crediting his band mates with his individual growth as an artist, and the production of a record every single individual in the band is happy with. With the help of the second MC Soleo, Shoez at drums, Roop at keyboards, guitarist Ru, and bassist Pastrami, Blades of Steel have created a 5-track EP that shows a progression of sound, without a regression in a music that has earned them a loyal following of folks who hit the clubs to have the time of their lives.

Their first EP released last year Like A Calf in a Tube Sock, was according to their new bassist, “a little more rock,” while their new release Frontal Full Nelson and the Boxcar Bolsheviks is defined by Pastrami as ,”a big shift towards the funk.” The minor change in genre is not something Blades of Steel fear, what matters is not the maintenance of a signature sound, it is what the songs do for their loyal fans.

“The energy within the band is why we have our fans; I don’t think our fans are here because we maintain a sound,” claimed Pastrami, whose MC agreed with the sentiment by adding, “I don’t think we are sitting down writing some style we don’t want to play just in order to fit in some niche.”

The stage is a different world; you come to this place of tranquility… as soon as you stare in the crowd, nothing else matters.

What carries the strictest of importance within the group is the fun they have on stage. No matter what personal problems they have in their private lives, or how much they drank the night before, once they hit the stage they express love and an energy that seeps into the soul of the crowd. In return, the audience leaves the show knowing they experienced a performance they will never forget. They went to a show and had the type of fun they often take for granted.

“The stage is a different world; you come to this place of tranquility… as soon as you stare in the crowd, nothing else matters,” said a reflective Pastrami a former fan who has had a front row seat in both worlds. He knows what Blades of Steel creates, and how they create it.

The group has created a diverse collection of songs that draws different personalities and tastes into their group. Blades of Steel favourites like H.E.M.P, and Do You In the 80s have become staples of their shows, but with the release of Frontal Full Nelson, fans will be drawn to new tracks that sound like music created by the love child of George Clinton, and Grandmaster Flash. Tracks like the opener So Fast, and the party track The Mexico Song will soon act as signature Blades of Steel tracks.

On May 31st, fans of Blades of Steel will know what to expect, and those expectations will be matched with a bone shaking energy that has created, and maintain a legend within the local hip-hop scene.

Blades of Steel “Frontal Full Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks” EP Release
May 31 @ Local 522 – Show Details

Ellen Doty Releases Restless Heart Studio Teaser

Ellen Doty released the following status update via her Artist Page on Facebook:

“Just wanted to pass on a little studio teaser with a song from the new album! Can’t believe it will be released one month from today! Ahhhhhh!”

You can purchase tickets to Ellen’s CD Release Show at The Ironwood Stage & Grill on May 29 & 30 via Zoobis.