About Indie403

Indie403 works with artists to build their business and allow the artists to focus on perfecting their craft to pursue their dreams. Indie403 assists in various areas of the business side of the music industry with a focus on Artist Development, Music Marketing, Show Booking, Band Promotion, Social Networking, Publicity, Business Fundamentals, Multimedia Production, and Tour Management.

Current Roster

We are currently working closely with the alt-folk-rock band, The North Sound & hard rock band, Throne Of Vengeance.

The North Sound

The North Sound is the solo project of Forrest Eaglespeaker. The North Sound is currently working on its first EP entitled “The Patchwork EP” which is set to release in the fall of 2014. Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube

Throne Of Vengeance

Bridging the gap between metal and rock with help from dual guitar harmonies, pounding drum lines and wide-ranging vocal harmonies, Calgary’s Throne of Vengeance is out with a brand new EP, Live Evil, full of the band’s signature thrash-tinged rock. Since its inception in early 2009, TOV has released a 5 song EP (Toxic Black Cloud 2009), a full length album (Flesh Engine 2011) that hit #4 on Earshot’s National “Loud” Chart (College/University Radio) in February 2012, and a sophomore album (Live Evil 2013).

2-Time Winners of the CBC’s “Best Rock Band” (2011 and 2012) and nominated once again in 2013, Throne Of Vengeance is a hard-working, local supporting, independent rock band, striving to cultivate the music scene from the ground up, in order to further solidify the quality and integrity of Canadian’s musical talent, while establishing themselves in the Canadian Rock genre. Throne of Vengeance Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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